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Stages of CBOSS development

Main Results and Achievements

The main achievement is development from scratch of the original application software, which has formed the basis of industrial production of widely ranged hi-tech IT solutions, both modern and ahead of time, for all types of telecom operators. It also results from the company’s fulfillment of its convergence strategy and policy of single-point responsibility.

Authority earned by the company has provided for conclusion of exclusive OEM agreements with leading vendors of hardware and system software, which allows not only use of these components in the CBOSS brand solutions but also supply and support of the components in the proprietary solutions, thus maximizing value produced by CBOSS.

Purchase of the full range of services including supply of hardware, system software, application software and professional services from one vendor enables a telecom operator to minimize its capital and operational expenses of running the solution with guaranteed quality. By a number of functionality and reliability parameters, CBOSS products are unmatched on the global market and used by many solid telecom operators across the world.

A CBOSS landmark achievement on the Russian market is implementation of project on centralization of IT infrastructure of six telecom operators merged by CJSC “Nizhegorodskaya Cellular Communications” (fully owned by OJSC Rostelecom), which has provided for manageability of the new affiliates and transparency of their cash flows for the central office, unified tariff and marketing policy, higher quality of subscriber services, considerable decrease of operational expenses of the affiliates, totally resulting in consolidation of NSS and strengthening of its leading position on the regional market.

Following its HR policy, CBOSS, since its foundation, has prepared thousands of highly qualified young specialists, including those prepared in close cooperation (both in fundamental science and application disciplines) with leading higher schools of Russia. Having acquired the valuable expertise and experience at CBOSS, many young professionals now work for other companies and contribute to creation of added value and development of cutting technology in the interest of Russian IT industry.

CBOSS has developed and tested in real life an innovative model of production relationship built on meritocratic principles, which empowers any employee by means of automated tool not only to elect and be elected to any executive position at the company, but also to participate in taking decisions on important internal issues through direct voting according to the meritocratic procedure implying account of the vote with the factor depending on personal IQ and services to the company.

CBOSS consistently develops business in Russian provinces and carries out the important social function. By opening its production office in Taganrog, CBOSS valuably contributed in the development of the region: provided many young people with the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise, hi-tech industry jobs, thus partially compensating for the employment decrease caused by layoffs from local defense and industrial factories, as well as with wide career opportunities, and supported their interest to develop both professionally and personally.

In continuation of its policy of development of Russian provinces, CBOSS now builds the full-fledged private science park CBOSS-Zvezda in the Tver province (the region of Lake Seliger and the upper Volga lakes) for which it has already made the first-turn investment in the infrastructure and opened a pilot production center in the Peno town. The center is now completely equipped and operates after the public opening ceremony held with approval of the town administration on the Town Day, July 23, 2011.

CBOSS, as a regular participant of many international forums, often being there the only exhibitor from Russia, popularizes domestic information technology solutions abroad, and thus in fact makes considerable investment into the native brand "Made in Russia", which contributes to promotion of the intelligent image of Russia.

We actively support the RF policy of cutting dependence on energy exports. Specifically, the CBOSS exposition at the Svyaz Expocom 2011 was entirely dedicated to this issue.

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