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Billing and Customer Care System
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Billing and Customer Care System

CBOSSbcc - Billing and Customer Care System - is an integrated software/hardware solution that ensures automation of any telecom activity. CBOSSbcc provides:

  • Flexible tariff models
  • End-to-end customer care
  • Billing and "Hot" call rating
  • Settlements with subscribers and automated credit control
  • Inventory procedures and sales automation
  • Preparation of accounting information
  • Partnership management: dealers, service providers, and roaming partners
  • Reporting system: aggregated and itemized data on all aspects of the telecom business
  • Real-time mediation.

CBOSSbcc is developed and successfully used as a convergent billing and customer care system. Its application scope covers different mobile standards (GSM, CDMA2000 (IMT-MC), etc.), wireline communications (PSTN), transit networks, interconnect, IP billing, roaming data processing, etc.

CBOSSbcc Configuration for Wireless Communications

This configuration is designed for GSM, the most popular communication standard. In addition to the key features of a billing and customer care system, CBOSSbcc supports:

  • Entire SIM lifecycle
  • Automatic roaming
  • Automatic interface with switches from any manufacturers
  • All GSM services: SMS, USSD, GPRS and more.

The CBOSSbcc concept implies further development of the billing and customer care functionalities and implementation of 3G communication standards.

CBOSS developments for CDMA allow:
  • Mass programming of CDMA2000 phones
  • TAP support in CDMA2000.

CBOSSbcc Configuration for Wireline Communications (PSTN)

This configuration applies versatile CBOSSbcc functionality to wireline communications. PSTN operators can deploy mobile services over PSTN, i.e., outgoing voice notification, voice/fax mail, auto dialing, interactive VAS management, and time-based charging. All PSTN-specific features are also supported, namely:

  • Base unit and customer equipment management
  • Prospective client management; installation feasibility analysis
  • Repair office operation
  • Automated line testing
  • Network topology: analysis and engineering.

CBOSSbcc Interconnect Configuration

CBOSSinterConnect configuration enables interconnection between service providers and network operators. It features exact accounting, rating, inter-operator traffic analysis and reconciliation, and data exchange. The advanced traffic processing and rating tools, automatic collation procedures, flexible discounting system, and enhanced reporting capability allow operators to capitalize on their network resources.
The streamlined operation doesn't require constant operator attendance. The configuration is targeted at both transit and end-user operators.

CBOSSbcc Configuration for IP

CBOSSbcc integration with networking equipment via CBOSSip Internet Platform allows implementation of a full-scale IP billing system. The solution streamlines the full range of Internet services including dialup, ADSL, PPPoE, LAN, IP telephony, e-mail, home pages, Web hosting, etc.
CBOSSbcc configuration for IP supports end-to-end customer care enabling contract registration, payment collection, service management, control and analysis, statistical reports, flexible rating, and billing. The range of VAS services is limited only by the service provider’s equipment.
CBOSSbcc configuration for IP features comprehensive Internet service management and CDMA traffic accounting, while supporting seamless integration with CDMA operator’s equipment.

CBOSSbcc Configuration for Roaming Data Processing

CBOSSroam configuration has been designed to automate the whole cycle of roaming support:

  • Automatic receipt, generation and delivery of TAP files, RAP files and fraud statistics; automatic rating of roaming files; the Reject & Return technology
  • Provision of information to roaming partners
  • Centralized settlements based on mutual set-off, vital to multi-branch operators.

The configuration has an independent database containing roaming-related objects only, including roaming partner attributes (roaming agreement, account, tariff, switch, etc.) and general subscriber data (IMSI ranges). It streamlines the workflows to achieve higher efficiency of roaming partnerships. The configuration operates 24X7 in the automatic mode, independent of the hosting OSS status.

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