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Assisting Intelligent Peripheral
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Assisting Intelligent Peripheral

CBOSSaip is a convenient, cost-effective, and high-performance solution that provides a voice interface to any IN service.

Telecom operators use switch resources to provide their customers with a voice interface. But very often, the switch has insufficient or no resources available. CBOSSaip from CBOSS solves the problem by enhancing or fully replacing switch voice resources.

System Operation

When the intelligent service needs to play back a voice announcement, it sends the command to CBOSSaip that plays back the required message and delivers customer’s response to the IN service.

Key Features

  • Voice announcement playback
    On request from the IN service, CBOSSaip dynamically combines voice fragments into messages.
  • DTMF support
    CBOSSaip processes DTMF signals and forwards them to the IN service.


CBOSSaip can be integrated with both third party and CBOSS intelligent systems supporting IN protocols (CAP phase 2, INAP CS1, WIN phase 2). The integration provides an interactive voice communications channel between the services and subscribers.


  • Wide integration opportunities
    The inbuilt IN protocols allow CBOSSaip to integrate with any CBOSS or third party applications. These protocols are supported by the majority of state-of-the-art intelligent systems, which allows total elimination of integration costs.
  • Simple expansion of system capacity
    With subscriber base growing and service range expanding, the number of voice channels and the capacity of voice libraries should be also increased. CBOSSaip allows their easy expansion by installing additional voice cards. The use of such solution is considerably cheaper than the use of the switch resources.
  • Easy performance enhancement
    To increase the performance, you just need to update the server configuration. As you can keep the legacy voice cards, there is no need in time-consuming and expensive data migration.
  • Usage of CBOSSaip resources in new IN services
    Not only does CBOSSaip integrate with ready-made services, it can also become an integral part of telco’s new intelligent services.
  • Easy-to-use interface
    The voice menu provides subscribers with fast and up-to-date information on tariffs, account status, etc., which will definitely improve the telco’s image among existing and prospective customers.

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