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Bonus Management System
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Bonus Management System

Long-standing and mutually profitable relationships with loyal subscribers is a must for a telco to thrive. While all telcos are offering similar tariffs and services, new means of customer retention are necessary.
CBOSSbonus Bonus Management System is a convenient and flexible tool to award loyal subscribers. It provides discounts to profitable customers for telco’s and partners’ services and products boosting customer acquisition and loyalty.
CBOSSbonus enables profitable interaction with subscribers, while bonus programs make them think: "The more I spend, the more I get".

System Operation

CBOSSbonus estimates objective loyalty parameters, such as subscriber longevity, profitability, timely payments, etc. If these values satisfy special parameters, bonus points are added to the customer’s bonus account. Having accumulated enough points, customers may use a discounted service.

Key Features

  • Loyalty- and value-based bonuses
  • Limited-time discounts on one-time and periodic telephony services
  • Different means of point spending:
    • in the Internet via CBOSSics;
    • via CBOSSacc IVR
    • via customer care department;
    • via SMS or USSD
  • Manual bonus account adjustment
  • Bonus account history availability
  • Subscriber notification on operations with the bonus account
  • Bonus point buying
  • Bonus point transfer between bonus accounts
  • Bonus point expiration
  • Support of joint bonus programs
    Joint bonus program allows:
    • Unified bonus account creation
    • Unified price list support
    • Bonus point earning while using goods and services from telco’s partners.


CBOSSbonus may be seamlessly integrated with:

In addition, CBOSSbonus integrates with:
  • SMSCs from different manufacturers, including CBOSSsms
  • USSD messaging centers, e.g., CBOSSussd.


  • Seamless integration with other solutions, including CBOSS products
  • High performance enabling online services for millions of customers
  • Open interfaces enabling integration with third-party OSSs
  • Configurable responses to various internal and external events, a flexible decision support system
  • Secure and reliable transactions provided by CBOSSbcc intrusion protection system
  • Rapid customized revisions
  • Improved customer loyalty and acquisition
  • Higher revenue
  • Best price/performance ratio.

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