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CallBack Service
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Callback Service

CBOSScallBack enables the service user to order a call to other subscribers (immediately or after a specified period of time). Both customers are charged for inbound calls.

Very often, CBOSScallBack is the only way for a telco to provide roaming to its prepaid customers. The service allows subscribers to make a call even when outbound connection is unavailable and provides a convenient automated dialing function.

System Operation

Subscriber A sends a request for connection with subscriber B, usually using a USSD command containing a service code, target subscriber number, auto-dial start time, and request validity period.

At the specified time CBOSScallBack starts dialing subscriber B’s number. Subscriber B is informed that the connection is initiated by the CallBack server (e.g. by a message "…don’t hang up, please, callback operation is performed…"). If subscriber B has a CLIP service activated, subscriber A’s number is displayed. After this, a connection with subscriber A is established.

Prepaid Roaming

If home or visited network does not support the CAMEL technology, or roaming partners haven’t contracted the CAMEL roaming, prepaid customers can only receive inbound calls served by the home prepaid platform. In this environment, the outbound connection can be enabled by the USSD Callback technology only. If subscriber A (or subscriber B) uses a prepaid tariff, then the inbound CBOSScallBack-initiated call will be routed through the home prepaid platform.

The prepaid platform checks the subscriber balance and, if the amount is sufficient, allows the connection. As soon as an account runs out of money, the call is immediately interrupted.

Key Features

  • Multiple service order channels (WEB, IVR, SMS, USSD)
  • Request consistency check
  • Request cancellation
  • SMS notifications of request status
  • Location-based services provisioning
  • Support of various service classes


CBOSScallBack integrates with any billing system, including CBOSSbcc Billling & Customer Care.

SMS and USSD interfaces are available in the event of integration with corresponding systems such as CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center, CBOSSussd USSD Messaging Center or third-party solutions.


  • Roaming for prepaid subscribers with minimum expenses, if the CAMEL technology is unavailable.
  • Increase in traffic and revenue from customers, who otherwise wouldn’t place a call
  • New attractive CBOSScallBack-based services such as Mobile Secretary and higher ARPU due to service subscription fees
  • Stronger loyalty of subscribers saving on roaming calls.

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