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Call Filtering Service
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Call Filtering Service

CBOSScallScreening allows automatic rejection or forwarding of unwanted and irrelevant incoming calls as well as outgoing call barring (e.g., parental control).

The filtering is based on the use of black and white lists that can be grouped into customer profiles to be applied in various environments (e.g., “Work”, “Home”).

System Operation

Processing incoming calls
Subscriber A places a call to Subscriber B (service user). If call forwarding is enabled the call is routed to a specified destination. If call forwarding is disabled, CBOSScallScreening checks white and black lists. If the number is not found, the system uses a default scenario. If the call is allowed, the connection is established; otherwise subscriber A receives a rejection notification while subscriber B is notified by SMS.

Processing outgoing calls
Outgoing calls are processed similarly, except for subscriber А notification. If a call is not allowed, subscriber А receives a voice alert.

Call forwarding is another convenient feature of CBOSScallScreening, enabling customers to set up short numbers (e.g., subscriber dials 777, and the call is forwarded to 1234777).

Key Features

  • Incoming/outgoing calls filtering and forwarding
  • Flexible filter configuration
  • Profile management
  • A variety of service management methods (WEB, IVR, SMS, USSD)
  • Authorized access to settings
  • Call rejection notification
  • Multilingual interface.


CBOSScallScreening integrates with any billing system, including CBOSSbcc Billling & Customer Care.

CBOSScallScreening’s web interface can integrate with CBOSSics Internet Customer Service.

SMS and USSD interfaces are available in the event of integration with corresponding systems such as CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center, CBOSSussd USSD Messaging Center or third-party solutions.


  • A new, highly demanded service boosting customer loyalty
  • New subscribers attracted by the opportunity to better manage their calls (businessmen, youngsters, parents)
  • Higher ARPU due to service fee.


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