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Unified Messaging System
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Unified Messaging System

CBOSSchat is an interactive service that provides mobile and Internet subscribers with real time SMS, WAP or Web chat.

System Operation

WEB, WAP, and SMS messages sent by users are delivered to the operator’s Web server or SMSC, and then transmitted to the CBOSSchat server.

CBOSSchat processes the message content, commands and queries (e.g., for instructions, passwords, chat room lists), retrieves the required information from the database if necessary, and sends the data to the user’s mobile phone or chat page via the SMSC or Web server.

Key Features

CBOSSchat functionality surpasses those offered by ordinary Internet chats. Alongside conventional functions, CBOSSchat supports many SMS features including:

  • User authentication
  • Message sending/reception
  • SMS support
  • Chat history
  • Chat room selection, creation and removal
  • User search
  • User help
  • User-defined chat settings
  • Alias-phone number links
  • User penalties imposed by chat moderators
  • Bad word filtering and replacement
  • Standby SMSC support
  • Advanced statistics.


CBOSSchat supports standard protocols such as SMPP, SNMP, HTTP, TCP/IP and seamlessly integrates with:

  • any SMSC, including CBOSSsms
  • CBOSSics Internet Customer Service to limit Internet chat access
  • various network control systems, including CBOSStmn.


  • Scalability
  • Protection of private chat sessions
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Flexible user and system settings
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Increased SMS and WAP traffic, enhanced revenue.

Rules and conditions for the site use are provided on the legislation information page
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