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End-to-end Integrated Convergent Solution
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End-to-end Integrated Convergent Solution

CBOSSconvergence³ is an end-to-end integrated convergent hardware/software platform automating basic telecom business processes such as real-time billing, customer care, network management, business intelligence, and CRM. CBOSSconvergence³ is built on state-of-the-art intelligent technologies, demonstrating unsurpassed reliability and performance, and minimizing telco's business risks.

The main advantage of CBOSSconvergence³ is 3D-convergence. The first dimension of convergence spans the payment methods; it is not just Prepaid or Postpaid, but also a variety of hybrid models. The second dimension is the convergence of services, which means that the solution can enable any service in any network. The third dimension is platform convergence, meaning that all components of the convergent solution may operate on comprehensive hardware provided by a single vendor. Currently, CBOSSconvergence³ is run by GSM, CDMA, CDMA2000 1x, UMTS, and iDEN operators.

Key Features

  • Multiple telecom standards
    CBOSSconvergence³ enables services in PSTN, GSM, CDMA, iDEN, 3G and Next Generation networks.
  • Real-time operation
    CBOSSconvergence³ enables real-time rating for any type of communications: voice calls, SMS and MMS, 2.5G and 3G data, mobile commerce transactions, etc.
  • Convergent billing
    CBOSSconvergence³ provides rating for the Prepaid, Postpaid and hybrid settlement models. Regardless of a payment model selected by the subscriber, the telco running CBOSSconvergence³ can provide a whole spectrum of services to the subscriber.
  • Flexible rating
    CBOSSconvergence³ rating functionality allows the operator to create services targeted at any market segment and to launch advertising and marketing campaigns involving promotion of new services, cross-service discounting, bonuses and loyalty enhancement models. With CBOSSconvergence³, new rules of real-time rating can be applied, allowing for prompt and efficient adaptation to the ever-changing telecom market.
  • Multiple service providers and MVNOs
    CBOSSconvergence³ can concurrently support several service providers and/or MVNOs on a shared platform. Each operator or service provider may be assigned a separate access to the system to offer its own tariffs and set of services, etc.
  • Support of rapidly growing telcos
    CBOSSconvergence³ has unique scalability to support rapidly growing operators. Legacy hardware may be used as a basis for further growth, thus saving the telco's investments.
  • End-to-end customer care and sales automation
    CBOSSconvergence³ fully automates the whole spectrum of operations: from subscriber registration and activation to settlements and billing, payment collection, information and financial services and ongoing support. CBOSSconvergence³ has advanced self-service mechanisms allowing subscribers to manage their service profiles.
  • Network Management
    CBOSSconvergence³ allows the operator to perform network status monitoring and receive network status reports, as well as manage the network and its components both automatically and manually.

Target Markets

The end-to-end integrated convergent hardware/software CBOSSconvergence³ platform is oriented towards business automation for telcos, service providers, MVNEs, and MVNOs.

CBOSSconvergence³ ensures high business efficiency to:

  • Startups
  • Rapidly growing telcos
  • Large telecom operators that are not satisfied with their current solution and wish to increase their business efficiency
  • Telcos that use multi-vendor, non-convergent, non-integrated solutions " Companies using legacy solutions with insufficient functionality.


CBOSSconvergence³ can be successfully used by companies specializing in several areas of telecommunications, including mobile, fixed, Web, data, etc. The platform supports FMC, Triple and Quadruple Play technologies, as well as hybrid, prepaid, and postpaid payment models.

Unmatched price-functionality ratio
Combining the broadest functionality and reasonable cost, CBOSSconvergence³ is the most effective investment in business development. CBOSSconvergence³ offers the lowest ТСО in its domain.

CBOSSconvergence³ is a comprehensive integrated multifunctional platform. This not only allows the telco to avoid failures that usually occur in non-integrated solutions due to their components' incompatibility, but also eliminates additional costs relating to system integration and maintenance of additional interfaces.

Excellent scalability ensures proper operation of CBOSSconvergence³ in case of subscriber base growth to tens of millions – you only need to perform a hardware upgrade.

Intensive improvement and development
CBOSS Corporation invests large resources in the continuous development of the technologies it offers. CBOSSconvergence³ can be used in 2G and 3G networks, it is planned to support 4G (All-IP) standard.

Quality & Reliability
Adherence to strict quality standards within the production cycle ensures unsurpassed fault-tolerance of CBOSSconvergence³.

CBOSSconvergence³ can be customized to meet the needs of any client in the ever-changing business environment.

Shortest possible commissioning period
CBOSSconvergence³ is an off-the-shelf comprehensive solution, and its overall implementation and commissioning takes no more than several months.

Turnkey installation & full-scale technical support
CBOSS Corporation provides CBOSSconvergence³ as a turnkey solution that does not require any additional revisions and integration, ensuring its full-scale technical support and hardware platform maintenance.

Wide experience
Purchasing CBOSSconvergence³, a telecom operator also partakes of many-year CBOSS experience in the development, implementation, and support of convergent solutions successfully operated by 160 telcos in 34 countries.

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