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Data Warehouse
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Data Warehouse

Data storage, processing and analysis are a challenge to many companies. The collected data drives tactical and strategic planning. However, the use of several information systems is a significant hindrance to consolidated reporting and information analysis, making data available only to the divisions collecting it.

CBOSSdwh is a hardware-software solution intended for automated collection of data from different sources, data cleansing, conversion, consolidation and storage for further use by CBOSS BI solutions.

CBOSSdwh is based on two main concepts: integration of collected data in a unified warehouse and structuring of data sets by solutions: Financial management, Sales management, Loyalty management, Marketing management, Traffic management, Inventory management, Performance management.

System Operation

CBOSSdwh acts as an intelligent node of data collection from different sources, including:

  • B&OSS: billing systems, store subsystems
  • Switches, SMSCs
  • Enterprise hardware-software solution: server equipment, software.

The collected data is then processed and provided to end-users by CBOSSdss and CBOSSudr BI solutions.

Key Features

  • Automatic scheduled data collection and processing
  • Data import from heterogeneous sources (relational databases and flat files)
  • History import; large history depth
  • Monitoring of data import and processing
  • Rollback of loaded data and processing results
  • Multi-language support
  • Operation logging
  • Data protection from unauthorized access.


  • Faster collection and preliminary processing of data
  • Creation of a unified enterprise-wide information environment
  • Improved decision-making
  • Faster data availability
  • Minimized human error in data collection and processing
  • Optimized distribution of load on data sources.

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