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Email-to-SMS Gateway
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Email-to-SMS Gateway

Today, mobile users are accustomed to a rich variety of available SMS messaging services. Carriers need to offer new compelling SMS solutions to satisfy the ever-growing customer demand.

CBOSS Corporation offers a portfolio of web-enabled SMS messaging solutions featuring CBOSSemail2sms Email-to-SMS Gateway.

System Operation

CBOSSemail2sms provides a full-scale functionality for message conversion, setup and control of SMS exchange between SMSC and the Email server.

Key Features

  • SMS delivery to Email
  • Email delivery to SMS users
  • Delivery status reporting
  • Message transliteration
  • Bad words filtering
  • Black and white lists of email contacts
  • Operation logging and visual monitoring.


External systems
CBOSSemail2sms’ open architecture allows integration with third-party billing systems.

CBOSSemail2sms also integrates with any SMSC via SMPP and email servers via SMTP and POP3.

CBOSS Solutions
CBOSSemail2sms easily integrates with CBOSSbcc, providing an enhanced range of convergent customer care features.

The integration with CBOSSics Internet Customer Service allows subscribers to configure their personal black and white lists.


  • Enhanced service portfolio due to a new service enabling messaging between mobile and Internet users
  • Large-scale controlled mailings, taking operator’s marketing campaigns to a new level
  • Acquisition of new customers actively using Internet for business and entertainment purposes.


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