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ICQ-to-SMS Gateway
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ICQ-to-SMS Gateway

CBOSSicq2sms provides the full-scale ICQ messaging functionality to mobile subscribers via SMS.

CBOSSicq2sms is a door opener to messaging between Internet users and mobile subscribers, boosting revenues generated by billable SMS traffic.

System Operation

SMS-to-ICQ messaging
To send an ICQ message, the subscriber enters message text and sends it to the CBOSSicq2sms access number, accompanied by the destination Universal Internet Number (UIN). After the analysis, error free messages are sent to the ICQ server and delivered to the destination.

Command execution
The subscriber sends an ICQ command in the SMS message body.
After message analysis, erroneous commands are not executed, and the subscriber is notified.
Correct commands are executed, and results are delivered by SMS.

Key Features

  • ICQ messaging
  • New ICQ user registration from the mobile phone
  • Use of contacts in the handset’s phone book
  • Fast replies
  • Availability statuses
  • Personal contact lists
  • Contact list import from the ICQ server
  • New contact search
  • Multi-language support.


CBOSSicq2sms easily integrates with CBOSSbcc, providing an enhanced range of convergent customer care functions. The solution’s open architecture allows integration with third party billing systems.

CBOSSicq2sms also integrates with any SMSC (including CBOSSsms) via SMPP.


  • Additional billable SMS traffic generated by CBOSSicq2sms users
  • A new interesting and promising service for high value subscribers
  • Web interface offering enhanced ICQ-to-SMS functionality.


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