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Internet Customer Service system
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Internet Customer Service

CBOSSics is a convenient, feature-rich web-enabled customer self-service system for Internet users and mobile subscribers. CBOSSics can be accessed both from a PC or a WAP-enabled handset. The ease of use and vivid data presentation make CBOSSics exceptionally attractive, while taking the load off the customer care staff.

System Operation

Key Features

Basic functionalities

  • Support of mobile carriers and ISPs
  • Account management
  • Payment registration
  • Money transfer between accounts
  • Bill and call itemization
  • Support of Internet applications
  • Registration of complaints and suggestions
  • Service information
  • News
  • 24х7 customer care.

Administration Features

  • Subscriber profiling
  • Password-based unauthorized access protection.

CBOSSics logs all session data and events including connection time, session duration, user actions, etc. Integration with statistics collection systems (e.g., CBOSSstat) enables the registration of additional data such as lists of visited pages, time on page, etc.

Internet Customer Service for corporate customers
The CBOSSics-corporate subsystem offers corporate customers enhanced facilities to manage multiple accounts and end users. Spreadsheets of accounts and subscriptions, financial and service usage statistics, subscription search and selection functionalities, flexible text and graphical reports, access control, and intuitive navigation across accounts and subscriptions – all this makes CBOSSics-corporate an indispensable self-service tool for corporate customers.

WAP Interface
The WAP interface allows the configuration of WAP page contents to reduce or increase the volume of information for enhanced usability and functionality.

Online contract registration by subscribers
The option allows a customer to register new contracts and top up account balance online.


Integration with various web site statistics systems (e.g., CBOSSstat) enables the telco to obtain a better understanding of the needs and goals of CBOSSics users. The information can be used to adjust the marketing policy, launch new services, optimize the web site structure, etc.

The integration with short message systems (e.g., CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center) enables automatic SMS notifications of request execution, attempts at unauthorized access, etc.

Furthermore, in such a case the web-enabled SMS interface is integrated into CBOSSics and can limit the SMS-sending functionality to authorized users only.

The integration with CBOSSbonus Bonus Management System allows customers to control their bonus points: browse bonus details and related services, spend bonus points, and more.

The integration with intelligent services allows users to order services and store the customized service configurations on the web site. The integration with CBOSSabd Abbreviated Dialing System allows the carrier to create a comprehensive Internet service environment.


  • Improved QoS of customer care, financial, delivery, and marketing departments. Better feedback due to registration of customer complaints, suggestions, expectations, and questions.
  • Protected connection between CBOSSics users and a service provider's database (HTTP+SSL).
  • Remote customer self-service
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously serviced customers
  • Enhanced advertising facilities on the corporate web site
  • Improved services in roaming
  • Web interface customization to support the customer’s corporate style.

CBOSSics Options

Rules and conditions for the site use are provided on the legislation information page
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