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Internet Platform

Scalable Internet Platform CBOSSip is a certified IP Mediation solution enabling telcos and ISPs to automate provisioning and accounting of a full range of Internet services. The system also allows providing differentiated access to content resources and rating services at the application level, flexible rating of content services, working in the prepaid and postpaid modes as well as in the prepaid mode with using service cards.
CBOSSip seamlessly integrates with B&CC, BI, IVR and other CBOSS systems into a comprehensive convergent solution.

System Operation

CBOSSip Platform is built around a three-tier modular architecture where CBOSSip mediates between billing system and telecom equipment and enables integration between BSS, telecom equipment and Internet application servers.
CBOSSip automatically controls access to services and registers services provided. To use services, the customer calls the dedicated number or connects to the router to undergo authentication and authorization procedures.
While the customer is using the service, CBOSSip collects and processes service usage statistics that is then sent to the rating server and consequently to the billing system which charges the customer’s account.

CBOSSip integrated with CBOSSstc Service Telephone Card System operates as a prepaid solution, enabling real time balance inquiries and service availability tracking. CBOSSip+CBOSSstc solution empowers you to efficiently promote Internet and IP telephony services.
The system supports specialized and universal cards. Cards of various denominations and validity periods are available. The system also supports account-to-account money transfers.


CBOSSip may be supplied in the following configurations:

Solution for Telcos

CBOSSip-based integration of voice and data networks enables telcos to provide the full range of telecom services, to boost revenue and enhance competitive advantage.
CBOSSip enables wireline and mobile operators to provide dial-up and DSL Internet access, IP telephony and telematic services – e-mail, home pages and web hosting. Value added services include callback, session duration limits and access time scheduling, etc.
IP telephony services can be provided to private and corporate customers with duration-based call rating dependent on the call direction and tariff zone.
Subscriber status (suspended or active), access time of day and day of week, VoIP gateway and NAS server IP address, service and subscriber phone numbers, PIN and other parameters are checked at customer authorization. Internet platform logs failed authorization attempts and specifies the reason for access denial.

Solution for ISPs

CBOSSip designed for ISPs presumes integration with CBOSSbcc configured for IP billing.
CBOSSip enables ISPs to provide the full range of Internet services round the clock: dial-up (contracts and service cards), ADSL, IDSL, PPPoE, LAN, etc. IP telephony and the full range of telematic services are supported.
Authorization rules and scenarios, rating schemes, and statistics export to the billing system can be flexibly configured by the administrator. Load control mechanisms are available, and traffic distribution in the network and its subnets can be evaluated.

Solution for CDMA2000 Operators

CBOSSip is also used for traffic accounting and Internet service management in CDMA2000 networks, where high data speeds allow enhanced service provisioning.
The range of available services is limited by equipment capabilities only.
RADIUS-enabled authorization is easily customizable to fit operator’s requirements. Traffic is accounted via the RADIUS protocol based on subscriber MSIN. Time- and volume-based rating is supported.


CBOSSip users enjoy the following economic and technological benefits:
  • Flexible configuration, support of equipment from multiple vendors, scalability, and support of distributed access networks enable provisioning of Internet services to a wide audience
  • Rich solution functionality, the wide range of supported services allow cost-effective operation and fast return on investment while facilitating business development
  • CBOSSip Internet Platform is a billing system-independent solution, which allows considerable improvement of IP billing reliability and performance.

Phone, VoIP and Internet services are provided under a single contract and within the single end-to-end technological cycle.
The subscriber pays for all of his services from the “single wallet” or gets separate accounts for phone and Internet services. In case of insufficient balance or debt on one of the accounts, funds can be transferred from the second account.
All services provided are registered in the single sales book. At the end of the billing period, unified financial reports are prepared, and a single bill and invoice are issued.

Guaranteed Session Registration
CBOSSip stores all statistics, including raw data. To avoid data loss, information is regularly archived and backed up.
In case of CBOSSip failure (if any), servicing of LAN customers continues uninterrupted. In this case statistics is accumulated at the primary aggregation server and after CBOSSip recovery, data is forwarded to the Internet platform for further processing.
In case the billing system cannot accept data from the Internet platform, customer sessions are to be rated during the next billing.
For sessions discarded during billing, CBOSSip logs the rejection reasons, and the session is rated after problem elimination.

Solutions Based on CBOSSip Prepaid Controller

Prepaid IP-Billing

The CBOSSip Internet Platform::Prepaid IP Billing option is designed for usage with the Cisco Service Selection Gateway (SSG) component of the Cisco Mobile Exchange (CMX) solution. It provides flexible prepaid rating not only by different IP traffic types (incoming, outgoing, dominant) but also by the connection time. The convergence of CMX and CBOSSip solutions allows using this option by Internet providers as well as by mobile operators that provide their subscribers with access to IP network, regardless of the data transfer medium (xDSL, WiFi, dedicated lines, DialUp, GPRS, CDMA, etc.).

CBOSSip-based prepaid rating allows operators with hardware that does not support the “Camel Phase III” technology not only to provide packet data services to GSM and CDMA prepaid subscribers but to expand IP services rating capabilities considerably.

Content Billing

Further development of the Prepaid IP Billing solution is the CBOSSip::Content Billing option. This option is updated to work with the Cisco Content Selection Gateway (CSG) component of the Cisco Mobile Exchange (CMX) solution. It provides both prepaid and postpaid rating of IP services by volume, time as well as by the amount of events (number of requests to resources, amount of e-mails received via POP3 and sent via SMTP, number of downloaded files) with analyzing the content type.

See details on the the CBOSSip usage for prepaid and postpaid content billing in

Policy and Charging Rule Function

CBOSSip::PCRF option enables management of QoS parameters and charging procedures, by adding subscriber and content awareness.
The solution offers telecom operators a tool for proactive response to general increase of IP traffic and optimization of network resource usage.

The CBOSSip::PCRF features include:
  • Definition of policies of QoS and traffic filtering, as well as management of charging rules, depending on service type, subscriber profile, date/time, the subscriber’s/group’s total service consumption for a period, etc
  • Providing of QoS policy rules, traffic filtering and charging rules on networking equipment (PCEF) from the subscriber’s session start to the end, initiated either upon the PCEF (Policy & Charging Enforcement Function) request or by CBOSSip::PCRF
  • Monitoring of the subscriber’s/group’s total service consumption for a period of time and adjusting of QoS parameters in order to implement offers with “Fair-usage policies”
  • Control of access to network information resources: banning /restriction of access to resources, depending on resource type and subscriber category, parental control.

CBOSSip::PCRF is most efficient when used with CBOSSip::Content Billing and offered at the perfect price in this combinaition.


CBOSSip::DIAMETER-translator option allows to integrate various networking equipment such as GGSN, SMSC, MMSC, with prepaid rater (OCS) when their interaction via DIAMETER is difficult or even impossible due to versions incompliance; DIAMETER-translator can also serve as a load balancer with automatic failover feature.

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