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Java SIM Application Toolkit-Based Content Service Platform
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Java SIM Application
Toolkit-Based Content Service Platform

CBOSSsimMenu is an innovative VAS provisioning technology that allows you to provide SIMs with a multi-level dynamic VAS menu. As a result, subscribers get an intuitive easy access to any service, phone function and transport (SMS, USSD, MMS, WAP, GPRS).

System Operation

Using the JavaS@T browser installed on the subscriber’s SIM, carriers are able to configure and dynamically change the menu structure via the mobile network, and deploy new services offered by content providers. New service deployment does not require SIM reprogramming. When the menu is updated, subscribers receive automatic notifications.

Key Features

  • Support of push and pull technologies
  • Interactive menu
  • Multiple transport support (USSD, WAP, GPRS, MMS, SMS)
  • Unlimited volume of transferred data
  • Interface for service and content providers
  • Differentiated interface
  • Provision of location-based services
  • Provision of roaming services
  • Multilanguage support
  • Security
  • Automatic Device Detection


Any SMSC or USSD server can be used to enable CBOSSsimMenu transport functions (e.g. CBOSSsms and CBOSSussd). Integration with CBOSSstat Web Site Statistics allows monitoring the frequency of requests to menu items and thus the popularity of various content providers, types of content, etc.


  • Popularization of value-added services due to the easy-to-use subscriber interface
  • Guaranteed availability of services to all subscriber categories, as CBOSSsimMenu can be run on all modern handsets and the majority of older models
  • Enhanced satisfaction and loyalty of subscribers due to self-service functions embedded into SIM cards
  • Cost-effective system deployment, as no network upgrades are required
  • Minimum load on signaling channels due to the usage of transport based on short sessions (USSD phase 1 or SMS)
  • Maximum revenue from the network and promotion of MMS/GPRS services, which allows faster return on investments into the network infrastructure
  • Fast time to market for new attractive services, as new content and service providers can be promptly activated via the standard protocol
  • Gradually extended service set due to dynamic menu updated without SIM reprogramming; reduced costs of service implementation and support.
  • Ability to introduce services offered by any company or even private person acting as a content provider, but having no content platform – they can upload and update the data directly in CBOSSsimMenu via the Web interface.

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