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External Resources Management System
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External Resources Management System

CBOSSmdDrive is an efficient online solution for enterprise management enabling mediation between the billing system and different elements of telecommunication networks, like switching equipment, SMSCs, voice/fax mailing systems, SIM browsers, prepaid and Internet platforms, etc.
Allowing online service activation and configuring, CBOSSmdDrive coordinates all the network elements and thus enhances the QoS and reduces operation costs. CBOSSmdDrive is perfectly adaptable and enables prompt configuration and adjustment to any customer’s equipment from any vendor.

System Operation

On receiving a control request from the billing system, CBOSSmdDrive converts it into a sequence of commands peculiar to a particular network element and forwards it to that device. Analyzing the device’s response, CBOSSmdDrive verifies the accuracy of the command execution, generates the query execution code and sends it to the billing system.
Dynamically activated communication libraries containing all necessary communication protocols facilitate the management of any network element.


  • Automatic online processing of control requests
  • One-off and periodic command sending to network devices
  • Bulk operations on network elements (e.g., SIM card registration on the switch)
  • Testing and control of network elements
  • Notifications of errors in network management.


CBOSSmdDrive is seamlessly integrated with CBOSSbcc. Its open architecture enables integration with third party billing systems.
CBOSSmdDrive can manage switching equipment from Ericsson, Alcatel, Qualcomm, Lucent Technologies, Siemens, Huawei, Italtel, Nokia, Nortel, etc. CBOSSmdDrive can also be used to control SMSCs, voice/fax mailing systems, prepaid and Internet platforms and other intelligent systems from various vendors.
The system is easily customized to any equipment due to its open architecture and adaptability.
Moreover, CBOSSmdDrive can be integrated with network management systems, including CBOSStmn.


  • Enhanced QoS
    The online operation allows simultaneous updates of service parameters on dif-ferent network devices.
  • Reduced operation costs
    The automatic network management reduces labor and financial costs.
  • Simultaneous control over a wide range of network elements
  • Adaptability
    A unified procedure for connection and configuration of new network devices minimizes the integration costs.
  • Notifications on malfunctions and failures occurred during RPS operation.

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