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Management Information System
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Management Information System

CBOSSmis is a comprehensive cross-industrial electronic enterprise resource planning system. The solution enables efficient management of human, productive, financial and information resources, while

  • significantly boosting enterprise performance and efficiency
  • organizing efficient work of all departments in a single information environment
  • and cutting time costs on routine management operations.

CBOSSmis is intended for enterprises with high demands for the reliability of business process automation. Due to its scalability, the system can be successfully used in companies with hundreds or hundreds of thousand of people. The versatile nature of this solution makes it suitable for any regional company or a company with an industry-specific profile, while flexibility and modular architecture ensure easy customization.

System Operation

The main CBOSSmis solutions are:

  • Human Capital
    CBOSSmis streamlines personnel management: employee and time administration, payroll accounting based on work efficiency, creation of personalized motivation programs and personnel recruitment and development.
  • Productive Capital
    CBOSSmis enables accounting, planning and regulation of the production process and its results.
  • Financial Capital
    CBOSSmis supports financial management: financial accounting, fixed assets management, controlling and treasury management.
  • Information Capital
    CBOSSmis handles corporate knowledge - the key resource of any IT company - and ensures a uniform information environment for aggregation of the following information:
    • business structure and functions
    • data collected in course of personnel communication
    • external and internal documents in various formats.

The following scheme shows integration of the main CBOSSmis solutions.

Key Features

Human Capital Solution

    Employee Administration module:

  • Dynamic organizational structures and staff lists.
  • Basic personnel management operations: recruitment, shift, promotion and dismissal.
  • Registers of positions, preparation of instructions and divisional regulations.
  • Electronic personal files and workbooks
  • Customizable parameters of accounting data
  • Social records, registration of information on the family status and members of employees’ families.
  • Employee military registration
  • Retirement records
  • Comprehensive human resource accounting regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Time Administration module:

  • Registration of employees’ working time by management of employees themselves (check in, check out, absence) including real time registration.
  • Generation of any number of working schedules of any complexity, control of schedule compliance including notifications of departures from schedules, sent to managers and auditors.
  • Timesheets for working schedules.
  • Electronic check points, registration of working time with the help of touch screens and hardware identification tools (devices) of the security system.
  • Employees’ working time audit: registration of all events associated with departures from working schedules and non-typical events (e.g. an employee working in the office during vacations or a business trip).
  • Pre-registration (including registration by the employees), planning and registration of long-term absence: business trips, holidays, sick leaves or days off. It is possible to configure rules for the automatic calculation of available holiday duration.
  • Setting the norm of working time and registration of working hours for all employees. Optional automatic generation of working hour timesheets at the end of a reporting period.
  • Comprehensive reporting on the administration of employees’ working hours, regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    Payroll module:

  • Wage fund creation and distribution, hierarchical budgeting
  • Calculation of repeated and one-time credits and debits, including compensations for holidays and sick leaves.
  • Control of wage taxation: registration of taxes and the tax base scale, configuration of tax concessions and exemptions, generation of tax reporting.
  • Employees can control their account balance any time.
  • Distribution of access to the information on wages, employees’ account balance and fund accounts.
  • Staff encouragement: reward or penalty wage points that can be taken into account during payroll preparation.
  • Support of various types of accounts including accounts for credit/deposit settlements with employees. Provision of credits/deposits and credit repayment.
  • The module enables settlements with employees for the services provided by the company and charges employees’ accounts.
  • Internal encouragement programs (e.g. the company’s Partner Program). The system can be used to create lists of candidates, to vote about revenue distribution or to calculate vote results.
  • Streamlining of the creation and distribution of projects’ bonus funds.
  • Personnel Development Module:

  • Flexible configuration and automatic testing of employees’ and candidates’ professional skills and personal requirements.
  • Management of internal (employees) and external (potential employees and customer representatives) training process and cycles.
  • Registration of information on professional skills and personal qualities of employees (it is possible to evaluate individual qualities or groups of personal qualities to create a complete psychological portrait).
  • Position compliance test.
  • Overall organization of recruitment: storing all initial data on the candidate (personal details, education, work experience, etc.), planning the sequence of interviews, registering results of interviews and position compliance test.

Productive Capital Solution

    Enterprise Resource Management module:

  • Task registration and management throughout the whole lifecycle – from placement to check and acceptance - and taking into account their cost effectiveness.
  • Production tasks are mainly created as a hierarchical task tree subdivided into particular business operations.
  • Any number of employees can be involved in task-solving. Their roles and permissions within a working group are defined, as well as working hours for the performed tasks; the results are evaluated.
  • Each employee involved in the work can create a subprocess of work execution as an integrated operational schedule reflecting connections between technologically interdependent tasks.
  • Streamlining of everyday work planning. The system creates a recommended progress schedule for reach task.
  • Planning of an employee’s work time fund taking into account flexible of normal working schedule, holidays, business trips, compensatory and sick leaves.
  • Repeated tasks, including tasks with multilevel complex structure can be saved as a template. Based on this template, it is possible to create a task tree any time or automatically register a task tree based on the created schedule.
  • Permissions of task creators, supervisors and executors are configured for the whole system. The members of a work group can receive additional permissions on the level of their task.
  • A single information space available to access from the top-level tasks is created within the work tree. Using this mechanism, it is possible to analyze the efficiency of subordinate work groups and correspond with their members.
  • The system supports multi-criteria selection of the executor based on employees’ functional duties and additional parameters such as workload, cost, holidays, work experience, personal details and skills.
  • Preparation of aggregated and detailed reporting on the tasks.

Financial Capital Solution

    Financial Accounting module:

  • Automation of management accounting in the financial department.
  • Registration of non-cash settlements, account debiting and crediting for multi-currency settlements between companies, online account balance.
  • Cash settlements in any currency, simultaneous operation of any number of cash registers, online control of cash registers’ balance.
  • Registration and control of settlements with advance holders, automatic registration of advance reports and charges, control of subreport balance, control of the dates of the report on accountable resources, notifications for abusers of and persons responsible for cash register and advance money.
  • Registration of documents on settlements with contractors: acts of the work performance, invoices for tangible assets, etc.
  • Registration of contracts and bills, links between bills and office memos for payment.
  • Registered acts and invoices are linked to contracts and bills.
  • Cash and non-cash payments for goods, work, services. Payments are registered in the system.
  • Check of compliance between the ordered and the delivered goods/services.
  • Registration of budget limits and restrictions, registration of financial choices and budgets, support of hierarchical budget structure.
  • Control of financial discipline on all stages starting from permissions to make a financial choice till payment and delivery of goods and provision of work or services.
  • Registration of budget performance indicators, online control over money flows within agreed budget limits.
  • Analysis of budget performance results, plan/actual analysis.
  • Support of various accounting models: money accounting, management accounting, accounting according to international standards, simultaneous use of several balance units and account plans. Complete information on the account status and the company’s obligations.
  • Multicompany and multicurrency accounting, customization for Russian users.
  • Registration and management of an unlimited number of analytical dimensions, multidimensional and multilevel analytical accounting and analysis.
  • Complete accounting of all the facts of financial and business activity, automatic operations and account transactions for initial documents.
  • Typical operations for the registration of account transactions, complex transactions.
  • Flexible financial and management reporting, automated preparation of the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and other accounting reports.

Information Capital Solution

    External Inforesources module:

  • Centralized warehouse for corporate documents, automation of associated business processes and control over the document flow.
  • Ability to create new types of documents by defining the characteristics of this type of objects: set of standard attributes, links with other elements, etc.
  • With the warehouse, you can create, input, manage, process, distribute and archive any electronic information according to preset rules (including rules configured by the user).
  • Storage of all the versions of documents, data archiving with the help of the database management system (DBMS) and export of versions and archives to external data media.
  • Flexible dynamic permissions for users or groups of users to access documents: directories, attributes; permissions to view data, change it, delete or change attributes.
  • Registration and classification of any unstructured information according to numerous attributes, which ensures quick and efficient search and sampling according to preset search parameters.
  • Approval of electronic documents, permissions to access the document’s attributes and to perform various actions, logs of document movement, notifications for approving persons.
  • Automatic creation of typical documents based on a template and registered attributes.
  • Control over timely and correct registration of documents and their attributes and notification of users in charge about violations.
  • Tracking of all user actions for any period.
  • Automatic loading of information from any external data media.
  • Generation of reports on objects and documents. The format of these reports can be preset or customized.
  • Creation of specific elements (reports, cataloguers, contracts, etc.)
  • General and special utilities for solving problems of various departments.

    Enterprise Configuration module:

  • Catalogs of functions for departments and employees.
  • Catalogs of personnel functions.
  • Search of employees with particular functional duties.
  • Search of a department’s functions not assigned to anyone.

    Office Communication module:

  • Standard email functions, i.e. exchange of messages and attached documents between employees. Folders for storing letters and access permissions for various users. Creation and storage of drafts.
  • Automatic event-based notification. Any notification contains a link to the application that has triggered it. Support of office memos and other documents that need to be signed by one or several persons.
  • Complete registration and storage of contact details for the whole company and individual employees.
  • Publication and storage of regulatory documents and managers’ and employees’ notifications on advertisement boards. Hierarchical structuring of advertisement boards, distributing access and ensuring that advertisements are read by the personnel.
  • Registration of all events that take place in the company. Notifications about their arrangements and realization are sent to persons concerned. Automatic registration of employees who agreed or refused to participate in the event.
  • Registration of all office facilities of the company and search according to the requirements for facility reservation. Calculation of facility usage costs taking into account various modifiers.
  • Personal scheduling and graphical representation of schedules. Confidentiality of personal and classified information with access to information on the employee’s workload.
  • Routing of messages for memo approval and complete office memo lifecycle. New memo templates can be created.
  • Creation of the company’s address database with flexible distribution of access to the stored structured information on the company’s external and internal contacts.


  • Integrity: the system integrates main business operation support functions and supports compatibility of embedded solutions.
  • Convergence: solutions and modules process heterogeneous data uniformly.
  • Enterprise-wide cooperation, B2E (business-to-employee) features, self-service and joint usage of system capacities, even in companies with large subsidiary networks.
  • Access distribution: information protection mechanisms supporting hierarchical enterprise structures and automatic logging of all operations performed by the system.
  • Multilanguage support: data may be presented in reports and screen forms in any language.
  • Real time operation.
  • Lower total cost of IT ownership for telecom companies, due to:
    • Cost saving on the hardware - CBOSSbcc Billing & Customer Care and CBOSSmis are installed on a single server
    • integration with CBOSSbcc - joint usage of data by CBOSSbcc and CBOSSmis enables uniform administration, support and training for system users.

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