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Missed Calls Notification Service
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Missed Calls Notification Service

CBOSSmissedCall implements a popular service providing SMS and e-mail notifications of all missed calls.

System Operation

On the mobile phone a service user configures event-based call diversion (busy, switched off, not responding, out of coverage, combined, or unconditional diversion) to CBOSSmissedCall. Receiving a call CBOSSmissedCall generates an SMS or e-mail alert. The calling party hears a standard response (e.g., “busy” tones, “out of coverage” voice message, etc.).

Key Features

  • SMS/e-mail-notification of missed calls
  • Aggregated information on several missed calls in one SMS
  • Called party availability alerts by SMS
  • Configurable message text (format, language, content)
  • A variety of service management interfaces (WEB, IVR, SMS, USSD)
  • Flexible charging
    The service may require a subscription fee, be provided free of charge or on pay-per-use basis. In addition, CBOSSmissedCall supports event-based charging, with records created after missed call alert generation or SMS delivery to the subscriber. Every registered missed call or alert may be charged.
  • Calling line identification presentation and restriction
    CBOSSmissedcalled supports CLIP and CLIR functions.


CBOSSmissedCall integrates with any billing system, including CBOSSbcc Billling & Customer Care.

The system integrates with CBOSSsms or a third-party SMSC supporting flexible configuration of SMS delivery reports.

CBOSSmissedCall’s web interface can integrate with CBOSSics Internet Customer Service.


  • Additional revenue
    Missed call alerts usually encourage customers to return calls. CBOSSmissedCall boosts billable outgoing voice traffic by 3–5%.
  • Missed call notification with no expensive voice channels used
  • Higher customer satisfaction and acquisition of customers who cannot afford to miss important calls.


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