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Multimedia Album
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Multimedia Album

CBOSSmms-album is an Internet solution enabling subscribers to create, edit, view and order multimedia messages.

The product is ideal for mobile operators, service and content providers, allowing them to considerably increase their revenues due to the growth of MMS traffic and introduction of service subscription fees.

System Operation

To create a personal album, the customer has to register using:

  • Web interface
  • SMS
  • MMS

The MMS album is split into public and private zones containing multimedia content. The public zone can be used to view open resources, various useful information (e.g. MMS album usage tips, registration instructions, etc.), to order content and more. The private zone allows the subscriber to manage his own MMS album.

After registration, the customer receives an SMS notification containing a user name and a password. Authorized subscribers can create and edit multimedia objects and catalogs, enjoying a wide variety of available functions.

Key Features

  • Subscriber registration
  • Creation and editing of MMS messages and catalogs
  • Creation of new MMS on the basis of existing files
  • Automatic generation of order code and content price
  • Support of various message types
  • Multilanguage support
  • Content popularity ratings
  • MMS sending via the Internet
  • MMS settings for various phone models


CBOSSmms-album can be integrated with any Internet systems via the single point of entry (SPOE), e.g. CBOSSics Internet Customer Service.
The integration with CBOSSmcms Mobile Content Management System streamlines the interaction between various content providers, allowing them to offer a wide range of content services.


  • Higher revenue
  • Larger content base due to subscriber contributions
  • Beneficial partnerships with content providers
  • Flexible services
  • More loyal and active subscribers

Rules and conditions for the site use are provided on the legislation information page
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