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Marketing Campaign Management
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Marketing Campaign Management

Tough competition on the telecom market has made customer loyalty a matter of primary importance for operators. This competitive advantage requires full understanding and satisfaction of customer demands to offer the products and services customers mostly want. Besides, operators need to encourage loyal subscribers to use services more actively.
However, collecting customer data and applying them when campaign is in progress are not easy tasks. To meet the challenge, CBOSS Corporation has developed CBOSSmcm Marketing Campaign Management, which enables a wide range of targeted marketing campaigns aimed at the promotion of new services and products, and customer incentives.
CBOSSmcm provides end-to-end campaign management including the selection of target audience, planning of marketing offers, setting of campaign parameters, campaign management, registration of customer responses, evaluation of campaign effectiveness, and on-the-fly modification of campaigns.
The target audience must best meet the campaign goals. CBOSSmcm allows the selection of subscribers based on social-demographic, behavioral and other characteristics.
CBOSSmcm supports customer feedback, which enables interactive polls to adjust marketing campaigns and incentives.
CBOSSmcm allows a considerable increase in customer loyalty and value, unrivalled effectiveness and lower cost of marketing campaigns.

System Operation

To start a campaign, a marketing manager specifies customer segmentation parameters. Adding new parameters and launching segmentation repeatedly it is possible to pinpoint the target customer group. The selected subscribers may be polled on the consent to participate in the campaign.
Depending on customer value, the selected group may be split into subgroups. In this case, each subgroup is assigned specific parameters to be applied during the marketing campaign (duration, frequency, notification channel, discounts, bonus points, etc.).
At the scheduled time, CBOSSmcm automatically starts the marketing campaign (several campaigns can be run simultaneously).
During the campaign, CBOSSmcm collects the statistics on message delivery results, provided rewards, customer responses, etc.

The marketing manager may generate a data mart based on the target audience and specify campaign success characteristics as measures. Uploading the data mart in any multidimensional analysis system, the manager can evaluate campaign effectiveness on any stage. Depending on the analysis results, it is possible to change customer segmentation rules or modify campaign parameters.

Key Features

Target Audience Selection

CBOSSmcm allows the specification of the target audience selection criteria. The data analysis and interaction with customers ensure the most accurate selection of the target segment.
The data is extracted from the CBOSSbcc database or from any external system. The data is converted, aggregated and stored in the special warehouse. After the selection process, the obtained customer segments are stored in the warehouse and are available for browsing.

Marketing Campaign Planning

Interactive customer polls on the most preferable bonuses allow the planning of the campaign fully satisfying customer expectations.
The marketing professional can configure the campaign: set up its schedule, duration, interaction channel, message text, bonuses and more. It is also possible to differentiate the target audience by customer value and customize the campaign for every value group.
Campaigns can be launched automatically or manually. It is also possible to allow/restrict the repeated participation of a segment or a certain subscriber.

Customer Notification

CBOSSmcm forwards the target audience data to the operator-initiated notification system which generates requests for the notification of selected customers. Requests specify the notification channel, priority, etc. CBOSSmcm queues the requests by delivery channels, and allocates the queues to the proper system. Notification results are returned to CBOSSmcm. Multiple notification channels including voice calls, SMS, e-mail, and voice mail are available.


Customer’s SMS feedback is processed, stored and used for further campaign planning.


Any bonus described in the event processing scenario (EPS) is supported, for example, limited time discounts, bonus points and more.
If necessary, awarded bonuses can be cancelled.

Statistics Collection and Effectiveness Evaluation

Campaign results return to CBOSSmcm to be aggregated and provided for further analysis. Any multidimensional analysis tool enables you to browse and define more precise target audience selection parameters and evaluate the campaign efficiency. In addition, the system stores the full campaign history providing data on all the previous marketing campaigns. It allows fast and easy analysis of their results contributing to the efficiency of the future campaigns.


  • Targeted approach to customers even in course of large-scale marketing campaigns
  • Promotion of new services and tariffs
  • Rewards to loyal subscribers
  • Feedback from the customer for more detailed insight into customer expectations and preferences
  • Boosted efficiency of customer retention and acquisition business processes
  • Multiple interaction channels, including text and voice notifications
  • Improved customer loyalty leading to the generation of additional revenue.

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