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Number Change Notification System
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CBOSSvoiceSMSNumber Change Notification System

The CBOSSnewNumber system is purpose-designed for telecom companies that are actively expanding their share of a highly competitive market. The main purpose of the product is to facilitate a subscriber’s migration to the carrier network and reduce the risk to lose his/her contacts when the number is changed.

According to various researches, up to 20% of active subscribers are ready to change their operator provided that the phone number is retained. By eliminating one of the key obstacles to change the operator – fear to miss incoming calls to the old number, the telecom company can more effectively attract new subscribers. In addition, the company's revenue can be boosted by selling “golden” and “silver” numbers in case of ONNET number change thus providing for a significant increase in loyalty of the existing customers.

Thanks to a cost-effective notification method, the service enables the subscriber to inform of the new number other subscribers who call to his/her old number.

Implementation of the CBOSSnewNumber product provides the telecom company with the following benefits:

  • attract subscribers from competitors' networks;
  • attract visiting subscribers;
  • facilitate the ONNET number change procedure.

System Operation

To activate the service, the subscriber registers the old number by sending a short message or a USSD command. Then the subscriber configures call forwarding from this number to the number of the CBOSSnewNumber service.

After the service is connected, the subscriber and the calling party are notified of incoming calls to the old number or of the number change, respectively, by short messages.

Further configuration of the service is performed via the SMS interface. By sending short messages the subscriber can activate/deactivate the service, add/delete an associated number, and enable/disable the mode of notification of the calling party of the new number and the mode of notification of forwarded calls.

When the number change notification service is activated, each incoming call is forwarded to the system service and terminated. The calling party receives a short message with the new number of the called party. Depending on the settings, notifications can be sent either from the old number, thus enabling automatic substitution of the corresponding record from the phone's contact list, or from the new number.

The service user can receive an SMS notification of an incoming call to the old number if the corresponding mode is enabled.


Implementation of the product provides the telecom company with the following features:

  • Notifying the calling party of the subscriber number change

    A notification message is sent to the calling party to inform him/her of the number change and provide the new number. Depending on the service settings, SMS notifications can be sent either from the old or new number of the service user.

  • Notifying the service user of forwarded calls

    A notification message is sent to the service user to inform him/her of incoming calls to the old number. Depending on the service settings, SMS notifications can be sent either from the service number or from the number of the calling party.

  • Multilingual support

    Notification messages are generated based on the language settings of the subscriber's profile saved in the database.

  • Service management

    The subscriber can modify the service parameters through SMS interface. By sending short messages to the system service number the subscriber can add/delete the number associated with the new number as well as manage the calling party notification mode.

  • Setup of notification mode and type

    The service subscriber can select the mode and type of notification on the number change either for each associated number or for all numbers at once. If the parameters are not configured by the subscriber, the default server settings are used.

  • Support of multiple associated numbers

    The system provides support of multiple associated numbers for one profile. The maximum quantity of associated numbers is configured in CBOSSbcc.

  • Support of notification templates

    The service plays back voice notification fragments and sends short messages which are generated based on the notification templates configured by the system administrator.

  • Service administration by operator

    The WebSMAP application enables the operator to configure the service: create notification templates, specify the lifetime of short messages sent by the service, and set notification modes.

Technical Features

Software/Hardware Platform
Estimated load and service configuration depend on the hardware platform.

IN Configuration
The service can be deployed in the Service Node configuration of CBOSSasap.


Integration of the CBOSSnewNumber product with the CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care system enables flexible service rating by the telecom company. These can be one-time, periodic, free and other types of services.

CBOSSnewNumber can be integrated with external monitoring systems via SNMP, for example with the CBOSStmn Telecommunications Management Network. Such integration allows the telecom operator to monitor operation of CBOSSnewNumber.


Deployment of CBOSSnewNumber provides telecom companies the following benefits:

  • Increased migration of subscribers from rival telecom companies, who want to change their operator and save important contacts.
  • Increased number of visiting subscribers who buy a network SIM for temporary use as far as forwarding from the old number is free for the subscribers.
  • Increased subscriber loyalty when a number is changed within the network.
  • Increased outgoing traffic due to notifications of incoming calls as well as increased incoming traffic from other carriers.
  • Ensuring more comfortable use of the main telecommunication service for the subscribers.
  • Maintaining the image of a cutting-edge technology provider in the telecom market, being focused on subscribers' needs by offering them an enhanced service portfolio.

Using CBOSSnewNumber enables subscribers to:

  • Notify other subscribers of number change.
  • Use the number change notification templates.
  • And last but not least - stay in touch if the phone number changes!

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