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Over-the-Air Mobile Device Management
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Over-the-Air Mobile Device Management

Struggling to protect and increase their market share and ARPU, carriers ceaselessly offer new attractive services. However, these services are often difficult to activate, and the adequate handset configuration is one of the major challenges here. Besides, the majority of subscribers, except for the young and tech-savvy, are unwilling to go into configuration details, complicated parameters and figures.

CBOSSota addresses this challenge by automatically uploading the required settings to subscriber handsets by SMS.

Automatic device configuration - the most important benefit of CBOSSota – will certainly drive the widespread adoption of mobile services and become a new revenue opportunity to mobile carriers.

Using this system, customers can request service settings, easily confirm the download and start enjoying new services. The operator can also initiate settings broadcasts.

System Operation

CBOSSota is designed to enable automatic remote device configuration based on IMEI. The functionality is available to network operators only. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code is unique for each device and is used to identify it in the mobile network. When a phone is switched on, CBOSSota identifies its model and sends a message to the subscriber: “Service settings will be now delivered. You may have to enter code xxxx”. The message is easily customizable.

The customer then receives one or more SMS messages with the required settings. The number of SMS depends on the device model. Each message comes with a prompt to confirm settings download. If the customer agrees, all services available for the handset are installed. The prompt text is unique for each handset model.

Subscribers can also request settings either by filing a request via the telco’s website, or by sending an SMS to the dedicated number. The web form specifies the service type (WAP, GPRS, e-mail, etc), handset model and phone number. If the OTA service is offered by a service provider, the telecom operator should also be specified. The SMS should include the service to be updated. If a special number is dedicated for each service, the customer can send a free-form SMS (e.g. a blank message) to the dedicated number.

CBOSSota processes the request and responds with a configuration SMS with service setup instructions (usually it is necessary to only confirm the download and select the necessary profile). The customer then presses a button for confirmation and selects the profile.

CBOSSota is compatible with handsets supporting any basic standard: Nokia/Ericsson Over the Air Settings Specification or OMA Client Provisioning. The system can process up to 36,000 requests per hour.

Key Features

  • Requests via website or SMS
    cribers can request service settings by using a convenient web form on the telco’s website or sending a specially formatted SMS.
    If the telecom operator allocates a special number to each service, subscribers can send a free-form SMS (e.g. a blank message) to the dedicated number.
  • Automatic settings downloads
    CBOSSota allows downloads of WAP, e-mail, MMS, GPRS settings, etc.
  • Protection from unauthorized usage
    The web form is available to all Internet users. However, there is a risk that someone other than the phone user can file the request. In order to prevent unauthorized change of settings, the system asks the handset owner for confirmation before downloading.
  • API support
    The support of the application programming interface (API) allows the carriers using CBOSSota to request settings by directly addressing the database.


CBOSSota should be integrated with an SMSC, for instance, CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center, for the customers to request and receive SMS configurations. The system can support two SMSCs simultaneously. If one of the SMSCs fails, messages are delivered via the redundant SMSC to enable full integrity of customer requests and configuration messages.

CBOSSota can select devices for settings broadcasts by IMEI, phone number, and registration date. CBOSSota can also integrate with billing systems, including the convergent postpaid billing and customer care solution CBOSSbcc. In this case, the service may be provided on a chargeable basis.

CBOSSota’s web interface can easily integrate into the carrier’s Internet service portfolio. In cases, where user registration is supported (for instance, in CBOSSics Internet Customer Service), carriers can control access to CBOSSota and provide the service to registered customers only.


  • Boosted revenue
    er service configuration makes communications services more attractive to customers. As there is no need to go into technical details, customers start using VAS services more readily, which results in improved carrier’s profit margins.
  • Reduced costs
    Reduced load on the operator’s customer service enabled by automatic device configuration results in lower operating and support costs.
  • Network and technology optimization
    The network operator can analyze functions and standards supported by subscriber devices. The operator can also segment its customer base by available technologies and other device characteristics.
  • Usability
    Making automatic device configuration available to all subscribers can enhance company’s image while building customer loyalty.
    CBOSSota makes settings order very easy. The ergonomic CBOSSota is a convenient tool to configure mobile devices.

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