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Roaming Management System
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Roaming Management System

CBOSSroam provides end-to-end interaction with roaming partners, which is especially important for telecom operators having a widespread dealer network.

CBOSSroam features an independent database containing roaming-related data only, including roaming partner attributes (roaming agreement, account, tariff, switch, etc) and general subscriber data (IMSI ranges). This reduces billing system load and drives efficient provisioning of roaming services.

System Operation

  • The call distribution subsystem processes CDR files collected from the switch, distributing them into home network calls and roaming calls. Home network calls are loaded and charged by the telco’s billing system, whereas roaming calls are charged by CBOSSroam.
  • CBOSSroam exchanges roaming files, fraud statistics, reports and bills with roaming partners
  • Roaming partners may browse data via the web interface.

Key Features

  • Support of roaming agreements
  • CDR file classification
  • Automatic reception, generation and mailing of roaming files, RAP files and fraud statistics
  • Automatic charging of roaming files and fraud statistics
  • Reject & Return technology
  • Billing of roaming services
  • Verification of incoming roaming bills
  • Web-based information support of roaming partners.


CBOSSroam can integrate with CBOSStmn Telecommunication Management Network enabling the automatic notification of responsible employees on system failures, errors and scheduled reports.
CBOSSroam can also integrate with CBOSSdss Decision Support System and CBOSSudr User Defined Reports.


  • The independent software and hardware solution for roaming purposes boosts performance of the roaming procedures: generation and processing of roaming files, RAP files and fraud statistics, which improves cooperation with roaming partners, provides effective credit control, and enables real-time balance inquiries.
  • CBOSSroam takes over the generation of roaming files, enabling dramatic decrease of the load on the operator’s billing system.
  • CBOSSroam operates 24X7 in the automatic mode, independent of the host billing system
  • The user-friendly web interface provides roaming partners with the up-to-date roaming data.

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