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Real-time Billing System
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Real-time Billing System

CBOSSrtb (rtBilling™) CBOSSrtb is a globally proven, dependable real-time billing solution for voice, SMS, data and content that helps operators and service providers achieve their business targets. It enables secure and cost-effective differentiation of products, a wider service offering, and enhanced marketing activities. The solution enables network operators, mobile service providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to securely and cost-effectively differentiate their products, widen their service offering, and enhance their marketing activities.

Regardless of the subscription type being used, CBOSSrtb rates, controls and manages all communications traffic in real time. CBOSSrtb’s hardware-software platform guarantees response time less than 100 ms enabling minimization of operators' business risks.

System Operation

CBOSSrtb is an IN-based, switch independent solution. It operates in GSM, TDMA, CDMA, GPRS, and 3G networks, being able to simultaneously support multiple telecom standards. CBOSSrtb allows operators to:

  • Manage their business risks through real-time authorization and event charging
  • Offer voice, data and content services as either pre- or post-paid
  • Create ad-hoc marketing campaigns with innovative promotions
  • Generate new revenue streams from value-added services and MVNO business models
  • Save costs with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Key Features

True real-time processing of voice, messaging, data and content
With true real-time rating and billing of voice calls, SMS, MMS, 2.5G&3G data, and mobile commerce transactions, the CBOSSrtb solution helps network operators, service providers and MVNOs to generate new revenue streams. All operations are performed in a secure and cost-efficient way, eliminating risks of fraud and bad debt related to value added service usage.

Convergent prepaid/postpaid billing
In order to gain operational efficiency, CBOSSrtb seamlessly integrates pre- and postpaid wireless billing, allowing anything from purely pre- or postpaid accounts to flexible hybrid accounts. The calls can be paid from either caller’s personal prepaid account or corporate postpaid account. Whatever the payment option of choice, CBOSSrtb enables operators to provide equal services and usage possibilities for all customers.

Flexible rating
The unlimited rating possibilities enable the operators and service providers to tailor services for each customer segment and create ad-hoc marketing campaigns, including innovative promotions, cross-service discounting, bonuses and loyalty schemes. As new rating rules can be applied in real time, pricing can easily be adjusted to answer rapidly changing market needs.

Multiple MVNOs and service providers support
CBOSSrtb easily accommodates several service providers and mobile virtual network operators in a single system. Each MVNO and service provider can market and manage their own services under their own brands, range of numbers, and value added services. For a network operator, this means maximization of the network usage and increased revenue generation. Moreover, the service providers do not have to invest in expensive infrastructure, but can focus on creating imaginative services for the end-user.


Integration with billing systems
CBOSSrtb integration with the billing and customer care system CBOSSbcc enables versatile advanced management tools for prepaid and postpaid services. The solution provides the full range of application programming interfaces for fast and seamless integration with existing networks, business processes, and e-commerce applications.

Integration with SMSCs
Integration with the Short Message Service Center CBOSSsms equips CBOSSrtb with a number of notification tools, including:

  • Balance inquiry by SMS
  • Prepaid customer notification of account balance immediately after call completion.

Integration with IVRs
CBOSSrtb integration with the automatic customer care system CBOSSacc allows a service provider to arrange outbound notification and provide subscribers with a convenient interactive self-service tool. In particular, CBOSSacc provides an easy-to-navigate voice menu enabling users to rapidly get their account balance, register scratch card payments, etc. CBOSSacc’s outbound notification capabilities allow a telco to automatically inform users of the low balance, available resources, etc.


For subscribers
For subscribers, CBOSSrtb provides the convenience to use innovative services anytime and anywhere, with a subscription type that best suits an individual's usage behavior. For example, with hybrid accounts, subscribers can vary their payment method according to the service or usage moment. Proactive customer care, including information on account balances, bonus points and marketing campaigns, is ensured with USSD and SMS notifications as well as voice announcements. Moreover, subscribers can choose among numerous convenient ways to recharge their accounts, update their user information and view their usage records.

For operators and service providers
CBOSSrtb offers efficient administration of system operations and maintenance, as well as service management. Comprehensive alarms, reports, and statistics enable efficient market analysis and fast reactions to market changes. Through subscription lifecycles, service providers can measure and control subscriptions that are either dormant or do not generate revenue. Account partitions, in turn, allow rapid and cost-efficient introduction of new services and competitive discounts to the right customer groups.

Exceptional scalability and unmatched reliability
The future-proof solution provides top performance, high reliability and practically unlimited growth potential. Exceptional scalability of the system allows for hosting the service for several service providers without compromising the reliability of the network service. The highest scalability allows for a small customer base to grow up to 10 million subscribers on a single service control point (SCP), while allowing further growth in the future. The unbeatable scalability and fault-tolerant computing platforms ensure the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With the response time less than 100ms., CBOSSrtb is a true real-time system.

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