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Service Delivery Platform
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Service Delivery Platform

Designing new services, a wide portfolio, speedy implementation of new marketing ideas, and the launch cost are the essential factors for successful business and stable position of any operator in the telecom market.

CBOSS offers a powerful and user-friendly service delivery platform CBOSSsdp. The solution is purpose-designed for telecom operators and allows for the independent development of IN-based services. To create a service, it is enough to build its graphical map, and start compilation. As far as source code development is not required, time and financial costs for new high-revenue service development are minimized.

CBOSSsdp can implement the most complex service logic, while inviting risk-free experimentation. An unsurpassed level of convenience and visualization allow you to focus on the marketing of services rather than on the underlying technologies.

System Operation

The CBOSSsdp Service Delivery Platform features a graphical user interface (GUI) reducing the creation of new applications to a set of Drag&Drop. An example of the service scheme (voting and quizzing) is shown in figure:

When working with CBOSSsdp, user designs a service scenario by placing the selected functional blocks in the scenario window, establishing links between them and specifying the block parameters and settings. Thus, the user sets the block execution order, conditions and parameters. The service creation result is VXML file.

The CBOSSasap platform launches, executes or terminates the service depending on the events (a subscriber call, call interruption, etc.) Several different services can be implemented on the platform simultaneously. The use of services created via CBOSSsdp has no difference for a subscriber as compared with the use of other intellectual services implemented on the CBOSSasap platform.

CBOSSsdp functionalities

  • Service scenarios creation/editing
  • Scenario consistency check
  • Scenario compilation, i.e. automatic generation of source code in VXML
  • Capability to use sub-scenario blocks


  • An easy-to-use service creation environment
  • CBOSSsdp's intuitive user-friendly interface enables service creation, which does not require any programming skills or knowledge of underlying architecture. Automatic generation of source code reduces error probability.

  • Fast time-to-market
  • CBOSSsdp enables the launch of services within weeks, whereas in a standard environment it takes months.

  • Ensured market leadership
  • CBOSSsdp allows for reacting on the fly to new market trends and the changing tastes of customers.

  • Freedom for experiments
  • CBOSSsdp enables you to anticipate the needs of users while testing new services and promoting the most popular of them. A new service requires minimum investment, and can be easily replaced if not profitable.

CBOSSsdp is a powerful tool to strengthen your market position, implement the IN-based services, and boost revenues from new highly profitable services, as well as to react in time to market trends and the users' requests.

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