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Knowledge Base

CBOSS offers a web-enabled corporate information system CBOSSskc. The system is designed for the classified storage and efficient usage of corporate documentation.

System Operation

CBOSSskc allows a user to create, post and view various documents stored in CBOSSskc’s hierarchical catalogs. The system also supports polls, votes, forums and a parameterized search function.
CBOSSskc is built around a multi-tier architecture, which makes the system available via both LAN and Internet.
A CBOSSskc user may interact with the system via web browser or FTP.

Key Features

  • User authentication
  • Support of various document formats (html, doc, xls, audio and video formats etc)
  • Forum support
  • A parameterized document search
  • The capability to work with CBOSSskc materials (creation, editing, removal), view document history, classify documents and view popularity ratings
  • Notification of users about the modification of documents by e-mail or CBOSSbcc mail
  • The capability to arrange polls and rate CBOSSskc materials
  • The import and export of documents via FTP clients such as Windows Commander and FAR.


  • An intuitive user-friendly interface making CBOSSskc usage fast and convenient
  • A single corporate information system providing the consolidated and structured storage of corporate data, leading to improved staff performance and more efficient interaction with customers
  • Reduced costs on the corporate information system, while no additional software is needed. Only a standard FTP or web browser are required.
  • An exceptional level of security and protection against unauthorized access ensured by user authentication tools, flexible access control and data protection features.

Rules and conditions for the site use are provided on the legislation information page
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