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Hi-End Short Message Service Center Built on NonStop
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Hi-End Short Message Service Center Built on NonStop

The new implementation of CBOSSsms is a hi-end messaging solution based on the fully redundant distributed architecture and ultimately reliable hardware platform enabling availability and scalability never experienced in the industry before.

As today’s telecom market sees gradual saturation and ARPU decline, mobile network operators need to find new opportunities through differentiation of service portfolios, promotion of new non-voice services, improvement of customer loyalty, on the one hand, — and boosting infrastructure efficiency and reducing its TCO, on the other hand.

Traditionally, one of the most popular non-voice services is SMS that provides up to 15% of total telecommunications revenue. As a result, any failure of the service causes considerable losses.

For example, most of the cluster solutions provide 99,5% reliability, which literally means 44 hours or 2640 minutes of downtime a year. CBOSSsms is based on the HP NonStop platform and features 99,999% reliability, which means less than 5 minutes of downtime a year.

If we assume that the average worldwide SMS revenue is USD 0,1, then, with 99,5% uptime, a telco with 1 mln of active subscribers and paid SMS traffic of 100 msg/sec will lose USD 1,6 mln (Δ=(2640-5)×60×100×0,10) a year.

Moreover, even the shortest interruption in SMSC operation can cause a huge damage to the company’s image, which is very risky in today’s highly competitive environment.

SMS-based traffic boosters, such as e-commerce and m-commerce applications, are also very important in stabilizing and increasing telecoms’ ARPU. However, they require ultimate reliability and performance, as financial data should be delivered to customers really fast to stay useful.

The new implementation of CBOSSsms is purpose-designed to resolve all the above issues. 99,999% reliability and low TCO of the NonStop platform guarantee protection from losses caused by downtime and reduce overall infrastructure expenditures.

Guaranteed instant delivery of all the messages allows telecoms to take their customers to a new quality level, which is especially important as customers become more fastidious. It also makes CBOSSsms (NonStop) an ideal choice for mobile financial and content services that require fast transportation. CBOSSsms (NonStop)’ architecture and performance guarantee on-time delivery even during peak hours, which is vital for fast growing operators and companies with large subscriber bases.

Depending on the configuration, CBOSSsms (NonStop) can process up to 4800 messages per second on a single server. This performance is enabled by high-performance CPUs (processing up to 400 msg/sec), Direct Delivery feature, and support of the SIGTRAN and HSL protocols. In addition, CBOSSsms provides practically unlimited horizontal scalability with upgrades in hot-swap mode.

NonStop-based CBOSSsms fully complies with 3D-convergence principles, providing convergence of payment methods, services, and the platform. The solution is supplied on a singe hardware platform that supports all existing telecommunications standards (GSM, CDMA, UMTS) and simultaneous servicing of prepaid and postpaid subscribers, with pay-per-send and pay-per-delivery charging models.

As any other solution of CBOSS Corporation, CBOSSsms was originally designed to seamlessly integrate with all other CBOSS products, including the real-time prepaid billing system CBOSSrtb (CBOSSrtb rtBillingTM). This allows a telecom to build an integrated solution featuring a single platform and centralized management.

Primarily targeted at companies serving over 2 mln. subscribers, NonStop-based CBOSSsms not only meets all the most stringent market requirements but also anticipate future needs of telecoms. Its unique functionality, performance, and technical characteristics allow mobile operators to switch to a new level of quality and get new competitive advantages, while minimizing expenditures.

System Operation

The system enables messaging between subscribers and a variety of entities, such as websites, self-service and content platforms, etc.

The Active/Active configuration is two or more simultaneously running servers that duplicate each other as presented below:

In a standard environment, servers A and B share the SMS traffic 50/50. In addition, each of them completely backs up the other one.

If server A fails, server B automatically takes over the other 50% of load to process 100% of SMS traffic.

As server A recovers, it takes control over its traffic share and the system returns to the standard operation mode.

The architecture guarantees fail-safe processing of all the messages sent.

Key Features


  • Reliable storage that guarantees successful message delivery even in case of hardware and software failures
  • Redundancy of processes run on each server
  • Reliable overload protection that guarantees stable operation even during peak hours
  • Software update without service interruption
  • Capability to build a distributed solution guaranteeing service and data availability even during global disasters
  • Server redundancy based on the Mated Pair technology in the Active/Active configuration.


  • Direct delivery of messages (transaction mode)
  • Support of high speed SIGTRAN and HSL links
  • Unlimited horizontal scalability


  • Simultaneous servicing of prepaid and postpaid subscribers
  • Pay-per-send and pay-per-delivery charging models
  • 100% protection from double charging of the same message

Administration and Statistics

Sharing the same platform with CBOSSrtb, CBOSSsms enjoys the same benefits, in particular, centralized failure management and statistics collection. The statistics can be exported via SNMP.


Billing and Prepaid Platforms

CBOSSsms (NonStop) integrates with a variety of billing systems. It is pre-integrated with CBOSSrtb at both hardware and application levels, which provides an absolutely convergent solution based on uniform servers and middleware, using a holistic approach to management and configuration, and supporting prepaid SMS charging.

Service Applications

CBOSSsms (NonStop) can integrate with any applications, including mobile financial services and e-commerce services, through SMPP.

Network Managements and Statistics Collection

CBOSSsms (NonStop) integrates with various OSS and statistics collection systems through SNMP.


  • Ultra reliability and guarantee of uninterruptible service provisioning
    Highly reliable hardware platform, advanced overload protection, redundant architecture and CBOSS’ expertise in building full-scale SMS centers and innovative software development technologies guarantee the highest quality of SMS services and on-time delivery of all the messages.
  • Convergence and compliance
    CBOSSsms (NonStop) supports all the modern telecommunications standards and simultaneous serving of prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
  • Scalability
    CBOSSsms (NonStop)’ scalability is flexible and practically unlimited!
  • Low TCO
    Easy-to-integrate, easy-to-scale, easy-to-manage, and empowered by automatic monitoring, CBOSSsms (NonStop) provides for minimizing the total cost of ownership.

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