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Split Charging Service
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Split Charging Service

CBOSSsplitCharging allows subscribers to make collect calls or split charges between the called and calling parties.

Boosting the number of billable calls, CBOSSsplitCharging is designed to increase your profit margin.

System Operation

Charges may be split only between subscribers of the same operator. A split charging call initiator (subscriber A) dials a target number preceded by a definite prefix. The call is forwarded to CBOSSsplitcharging that dials subscriber B’s number and asks whether he or she is ready to pay for the call. If subscriber B agrees, the connection is established; otherwise subscriber A receives a rejection notification.

CBOSSsplitcharging also supports call orders. The order contains the following parameters:

  • Service code
  • Target number
  • Auto-dial start time
  • Order validity period

The order can be sent via WEB, IVR, SMS, USSD or E-mail.

At the specified time, CBOSSsplitCharging dials the destination number and asks subscriber B to confirm his or her consent to pay the call. If subscriber B agrees, CBOSSsplitcharging calls subscriber A and establishes the connection. If subscriber B refuses to pay for the call, subscriber A is notified by an SMS, and the connection is closed.

Key Features

  • Different call charging methods
  • Service availability check
  • Processing of split charging requests
  • Request consistency check
  • Automatic dial and connection
  • Cancellation of split charging requests
  • Subscriber notification
  • Black and white list management


CBOSSsplitCharging easily integrates with CBOSSbcc and third-party billing systems. The system can be also integrated with a prepaid platform having open interfaces enabling CBOSSsplitcharging to perform real time call charging and forecasting of call duration.

SMS and USSD interfaces are available in the event of integration with corresponding systems such as CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center and CBOSSussd USSD Messaging Center.


  • Wider range of services provided, greater customer satisfaction
  • Increase in traffic and revenue from customers, who otherwise wouldn’t place a call
  • A new, highly demanded service boosting customer loyalty


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