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Web Site Statistics

CBOSSstat is purpose-designed for the collection, aggregation and presentation of statistical data on the usage of the CBOSS Internet products and the company’s Internet resources.

System Operation

CBOSSstat supports two statistics collection approaches:

  • Statistics on CBOSS Internet products
    A special statistics collection and analysis module is embedded into every Internet system from CBOSS saving statistics to the CBOSSbcc database via CBOSSstat API.
  • Statistics on any Internet resources
    When a web page is loaded, the statistics banner on the CBOSSstat server is addressed. Every such operation is processed by the statistics collection module and registered in the CBOSSbcc DB.

A convenient Web interface is provided to end users and administrators.

Key Features

  • Statistics collection and processing for deployed CBOSS Internet products, telco’s web site and any other Internet resource
  • Presentation of processed statistics in standard and combined reports (site visitors, referrer domains, system parameters, etc)
  • Customizable reports (time period, hits, hosts, visitors, sessions, etc), statistics presentation in graphs and diagrams
  • Statistics filtering during collection and presentation
  • Administrative web interface and configurable statistics collection and filtering.


CBOSSstat can integrate with any CBOSS Internet system, such as CBOSSics Internet Customer Service, CBOSSisp Internet Sales Point, and CBOSSskc Knowledge Base.


  • Evaluation of Internet system performance and web page popularity for marketing purposes
  • Easy integration with CBOSS Internet systems
  • Various means of statistics presentation in intuitive reports
  • Improved Internet resource security - page surfing and attempts of unauthorized access are registered.

Rules and conditions for the site use are provided on the legislation information page
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