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Short Voice Message System
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CBOSSvoiceSMSShort Voice Message System

CBOSS offers CBOSSvoiceSMS, a proprietary voice short message system allowing an efficient and attractive substitution for traditional SMS.

VoiceSMS enables users to send short voice messages to other subscribers including those busy or unavailable. The messages are charged to the sender, which allows message delivery to subscribers in any fixed or mobile network.

VoiceSMS is an efficient tool to satisfy constantly growing customer needs and to expand your advertising and infotainment capabilities.

System Operation

A VoiceSMS user dials the target number preceded by the * (or any other) prefix, connects to CBOSSvoiceSMS service, and leaves a message in the target subscriber's mail box. The target subscriber receives an SMS containing the phone number to call and retrieve the received voice message.

The recipient may listen to the message, remove it, or send to the e-mail or another mailbox. It is also possible to leave the reply immediately in the sender’s voice mailbox. Immediately after the voice message is listened, the sender receives the delivery notification.


  • Notifying the Called Party (Service Owner).

    The called party is notified on incoming message by an SMS message with a number to dial for message playback. The called party is notified on the mailbox overflow by SMS as well.

  • Notifying Calling Party.

    The calling party is notified by SMS in the following cases:

    • the message is played back by the called party;
    • the message is saved in DB since the called party is under suspension;
    • the message is saved (if the calling party hangs up right after recording the message without listening to the notification);
    • the message is not played back and is deleted from DB.

  • Multilingual Support.

    The subscriber language is either stored in CBOSSasap DB or specified in service settings.

  • Service Provision in Roaming.

    The service can be provided to subscribers in roaming. They have to dial the full service number.

  • Administration.

    The service allows administrator to configure minimum and maximum message record duration.

    The administrator can set the mask for checked suspensions of the called party.

  • Configuring Rating Mode for Message Playback.

    The administrator can select the following playback modes:

    • unlimited free message playbacks;
    • limited free message playbacks;
    • each message playback is chargeable.


CBOSSvoiceSMS can be integrated with:

  • Various billing systems, including CBOSSbcc, enabling automatic charging of CBOSSvoiceSMS-based services. Integration with CBOSSbcc also allows automatic management of mailboxes (creation /removal, class change) and mass notifications campaigns through voice messages.
  • Various SMSCs, including CBOSSsms, for notification of new messages through SMS and WMI indicators.
  • Various external prepaid platforms. CBOSSvoiceSMS can be integrated with any prepaid platform implementing the Diameter protocol server part to provide rating for prepaid subscribers. These are such systems as CBOSSprepaid or CBOSSrtb.


The CBOSSvoiceSMS service is an alternative to CBOSSsms and has the following unique benefits:

  1. Voice communication is major information exchange method.
  2. Voice information exchange provides many benefits including time effectiveness and explicitness compared to written communication.
  3. Emotions are more effectively conveyed by voice messages. Voice messages allow using intonation, pauses, orthoepy rules and so on.
  4. Capability to maintain a personal voice blog by sending messages to own number.

Besides, the CBOSSvoiceSMS service provides personal information security when using specialized services:

  • when exchanging contact information for notices;
  • when using dating services and so on.

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