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Web Customer Care Interface
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Web Customer Care Interface

Customer care is one of the key elements ensuring the success of a telecom company, while efficiency and high quality of services are the key components of good customer care.

CBOSSwcc Web Customer Care from CBOSS is a hardware/software solution enabling a wide range of remote customer care functionalities.

New releases of CBOSSwcc (4.0.20 and 4.0.40) support new fundamental functions and enable the creation of a single user-friendly environment fully customized to satisfy any need of a customer care agent.

System Operation

CBOSSwcc is based on a three-layer data architecture that includes the server and client sides.

Using a conventional web browser, the user sends a request for viewing or changing information stored in the database. CBOSSwcc uses the DB server and application server to process the request. After the data are processed, they are delivered to the user.

The interface design is based on the customizable structure of tabs. The information may be searched by subscriber phone number mask and other customer data.

Key Features

  • Support of various telecommunications standards (GSM, CDMA, INET, IDEN, PSTN)
  • Order Management for basic customer care operations
  • Parameterized search across customer data (e.g. by phone number or account, by subscriber’s name or family name, by company name, etc.)
  • Viewing and change of subscriber data (contract, account, etc.)
  • Viewing of general information and routine customer care
  • Viewing of system objects linked with a customer and information on customer contacts with the representatives of the service provider
  • Viewing of account balance history, bills, and charging accumulators
  • Change of SIM cards/phone numbers
  • Crediting/debiting of customer accounts and registration of scratch cards
  • Viewing, addition, and removal of services
  • Viewing, addition, and removal of suspensions
  • Operations with F&F numbers
  • Full set of tools for end-to-end processing of customer requests
  • Parameterized filtering of display data
  • A capability to execute customer orders manually or specify the event that will automatically trigger the order execution (the capability is deployed in the time-tested and highly convenient Trouble Ticket module).
  • Context-based launch of associated forms and reports
  • Operation logging.


  • Minimization of customer care costs due to a standard web browser used as client side software
  • Higher performance allowing more users to work simultaneously
  • An opportunity to create a single reliable customer care network
  • Flexible GUI (tabs, language, calendars) and support of various interface elements and styles
  • Efficient customer care due to a minimum response time
  • Fast and easy navigation through system functions
  • Simplicity and fast time-to-master
  • Lower costs due to support of low speed communication channels, including dial-up
  • Advanced ergonomics providing higher work efficiency

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