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SMS-to-Yahoo messenger Gateway
Entry for registered users

SMS-to-Yahoo messenger Gateway

With CBOSSyahoo2sms, you can enable communication between your mobile customers and the users of Yahoo messenger via SMS.

Seamless integration makes the experience of a Yahoo messenger user similar to chatting with another PC user.

System Operation

The service is available to registered Yahoo messenger users.

CBOSSyahoo2sms interacts with the SMSC via SMPP and can be integrated with third-party SMSCs.

Key Features

  • Contact lists
    When the user logs in CBOSSyahoo2SMS, the system synchronizes two contact lists: the list stored in the CBOSSyahoo2SMS database and the list stored on the Yahoo messenger server.
  • Message sending to Yahoo messenger
    To send a message to Yahoo messenger, the customer needs to type the text and send it to the destination number chosen from the contact list. Direct answer to incoming messages is also possible.
    These operations are similar to routine SMS exchange.
  • Support of the phone’s contact list
    The customer can save details of a Yahoo messenger user in the contact list, specifying the user number instead of phone number.
  • Availability status support
    CBOSSyahoo2SMS supports two availability statuses - online and offline. The user can change his/her status.
  • Notifications on changes in the friends’ status
    These notifications are automatic. If the status of a person from the contact list changes, the customer receives a notification. The customer can choose what details he/she wishes to see in the notification. The customer can also request for the status of a user from the contact list.
  • Help information
    The customer can ask for help information: a list of useful commands and their brief description.
  • Management
    CBOSSyahoo2sms supports the following management options: logging, automatic reconnection and automatic disconnection.


External systems
CBOSSyahoo2sms can be integrated with any SMSC via SMPP.

CBOSS products
CBOSSyahoo2sms can be integrated with CBOSSbcc providing a wider range of features for convergent services.

CBOSSyahoo2sms can be supplied as an independent product or as a CBOSSmsp option.


  • More outgoing short messages from mobile users registered in CBOSSyahoo2sms.
  • A new interesting and promising service for the most active subscribers.


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