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Customer Interface Managment

The analytical solution is purpose-designed for the analysis of automated and “manual” customer care channels (call-centers, IVR, Internet systems, and POSs) to ensure:

  • improved customer satisfaction and loyalty enabled by a better understanding of their concerns and preferences
  • reduced customer care costs enabled by feature-rich self-service capabilities
  • boosted revenue generated by chargeable customer care operations
  • improved customer care QoS enabled by the detection of relevant bottlenecks
  • optimization of the number of CSRs.
Analysis of the usage of self-care systems

The solution enables the analysis of the popularity of customer self-care systems:

  • usage volume by system or section
  • service penetration level
  • customer base segmentation and user profiling
  • revenue generated by chargeable customer care operations.

Business questions:

  • What section of a customer self-care system is the most popular?
  • What portion of customers use self-care systems to obtain reference information?
  • How much profit does a tariff change service generate, if delivered via a self-care system?
  • Subscribers on what tariffs use self-care systems most seldom?
  • What increase in popularity of a self-care system did a marketing campaign result in?
Analysis of requests to the call-center and POSs

The solution provides information on customer requests to the call-center and POSs and registered trouble-tickets while allowing:

  • the evaluation of request volume
  • the detection of request reasons
  • the segmentation of calling customers
  • the call-center QoS evaluation
  • the classification of customer trouble-tickets
  • the evaluation of trouble-ticket processing speed
  • the analysis of agent load.

Business questions:

  • What are the peak hours at the call-center?
  • What portion of customers could not wait to get a response?
  • How many agents are needed during peak hours, so that the response waiting time does not exceed 20 seconds?
  • At what time-of-day do the customers wait longest?
  • What are the most frequently asked questions?
  • What is the mean processing time for service activation requests?
  • How many phone number change operations have been registered in the “City Center” POS?

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