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Financial Management

The financial management solution makes the most important business data available to you. By analyzing financial key figures, you can obtain the knowledge that allows you to make beneficial decisions, increase revenue and business efficiency.

Revenue and Earnings Analysis

Sales revenue is the most important financial indicator characterizing a company’s business. Per-service and per-segment revenue analysis allows you to thoroughly study the revenue sources.

The solution can analyze:

  • Amount of earnings
  • Payment structure
  • Customer groups basing on their payment characteristics
  • Customer payment profile
  • Charges for products and services
  • Charges across different customer segments.

Business questions:

  • What payment methods are the most popular among subscribers?
  • How often do subscribers of the ‘Youth’ tariff pay?
  • What services lead in the amount of charges?
  • What tariffs are the most profitable?
  • What is the ARPU for the “Lubitelsky” tariff?

Settlement Analysis

A great number of operations and partners make it difficult to track settlements with each individual partner. However, this information must always be available. With our solution, you can analyze the current settlements and:

  • Develop and carry out motivation programs for dealers
  • Make a collation of bills sent to partners
  • Prevent breaches of partner agreements
  • Prevent outstanding debt.

Business questions:

  • What partners have the largest amount of charges?
  • With which partners do you have discrepancies in bills the most often?
  • What is the largest discrepancy amount according to bills?
  • What partners have outstanding debts the most often?
  • Debts to which partners are the largest?

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