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Fraud Management

According to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) research in 26 countries worldwide, 80% of carriers reported growing fraud-related revenue leakage.

Subscribers, dealers and telco’s employees proved to be the most active fraudsters, while scratch cards and phone services are the most tempting for such criminals.

CBOSSfraud.BI is an analytical solution designed to assist a telecom company in its struggle with fraud. It enables the analysis of suspicious and fraudulent behavior of customers, dealers and employees.

Analysis of Suspicious Customer Behavior

Minimization of financial loss caused by customer fraud is one of the most critical challenges of every telecom carrier.

The analytical solution allows the detection of the customers, whose behavior deviates significantly from the normal pattern for the relevant customer base segment.

The solution analyzes the usage of phone services by:

  • duration
  • cost

and provides information on the handset usage:

  • number of handset changes
  • usage of black listed handsets.

Business questions

  • Find customers who talked for more than 1000 minutes and were charged for less than $5.
  • Find customers, who talked for more than 100 minutes during the day.
  • Find customers who used black listed phones.
  • Find customers who are most active users of free services.
Scratch Card Fraud and Suspicious Employee Behavior

The solution provides information on the scratch card activation errors and allows the detection of PIN guessing, along with scratch card activation channels and customer base segments generating the greatest number of errors.

This information is invaluable for the development of preventive actions (e.g., barring of scratch card usage for a customer), and enhancement of existing anti-fraud strategies.

Business questions

  • Find customers, who generated more than 5 scratch card activation errors during the day.
  • Find employees, who generated more than 3 errors during manual scratch card activation.
  • Find employees, who activated more than 10 services with a non-standard tariff during the day.
  • Find employees, who allowed repeated registration of the same customer.

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