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Inventory Management

The BI solution is designed to ensure efficient inventory management. It allows inventory analysis, tracking, optimization, and planning.

Stock Control

With this solution, your employees will be able to acquire the full visibility of the stock and obtain information on the availability and the price of certain lots. The business intelligence system saves all store operations so that it is possible to obtain reliable historical data on inventory movements.

The solution can provide an information base for:

  • Inventory management
  • Generation of sales records
  • Online stock control
  • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing inventory

Business questions

  • What is the cost of ABC-1247 lot located at the store?
  • Which product lots will soon be or already are out of stock?
  • Which stores have the required products?
  • For what products there exists a discrepancy between inventory records and physical stock?
  • What is the amount of discrepancy between inventory records and physical stock?
  • How many PX-309 lots have been shipped from each store?

Inventory Planning (ABC+XYZ Analysis)

Efficient inventory planning requires minimization of costs achieved by reducing the number of stored lots and timely provisioning of required basic materials.
To solve these tasks, you can use ABC and XYZ analysis. The ABC analysis allows you to determine the most popular lots that require a more precise accounting, forecasting and inventory. XYZ analysis allows you to classify your inventory depending on its nature, usage and the precision of usage forecasts.
The solution supports both classification methods, which allows your employees to use them in combination improving forecasting precision.

Business questions

  • Which product is included into the “A” category?
  • With what frequency is it necessary to control supplies of the TREW-143 lot?
  • What must be the size of safety stocks for different lots?
  • The demand for which lot can be easily forecasted?
  • What products need the fastest shipment?

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