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Loyalty Management

As the market approaches saturation, operators face the need to retain their subscribers and increase their ARPU, as the attraction of new subscribers becomes more expensive. In the long term, a company’s success directly depends on the customer loyalty and their attachment to the brand.
This BI solution is intended to analyze the basic characteristics of loyal subscribers and to define churner profiles and behavior.

Segmentation of the Customer Base

The solution allows you to obtain information on subscribers of the selected segment or vise versa – to single out a segment basing on the data on subscriber distribution across various characteristics and states of the customer base.

Business questions

  • How many subscribers are temporarily blocked because of low balance?
  • What services are the most popular with subscribers of the ‘Economical’ tariff?
  • Which region has the highest rate of non-blocked subscribers?
  • What tariffs do subscribers with 1.5-2 years of customer experience use most often in Holly town?

Churn Analysis

Churn rate is one of the most important parameters of customer loyalty. The solution allows you to analyze churn depending on characteristics of individual subscribers and the amount of consumed services such as:

- the region the customer resides in
- customer’s tariff
- customer lifetime
and more.

Business questions

  • What tariffs have the highest churn rate?
  • What customer lifetime is the most critical from the churn perspective?
  • What regions register the highest churn dynamics?
  • What are the most common ARPU and MOU values for churners?

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