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Marketing Management

The solution is intended for the comprehensive management of marketing campaigns – from campaign development to result analysis. The solution allows you to select target customer segments and products/services to be promoted, estimate the efficiency of campaigns and determine the most successful ones.

Customer Base Segmentation

Segmentation is necessary on the first stage of campaign development, when you do the planning and select the target segment.

The solution enables segmentation basing on:

  • Customer characteristics (tariff, customer lifetime, payment method)
  • Customer status (active, blocked or partially blocked)
  • Characteristics of service usage (ARPU, MOU)

Business questions

  • What tariff has the worst dynamics of new subscriber registration?
  • What region is characterized by the lowest rate of voice mail usage?
  • What is the most common churner lifetime?
  • Subscribers of what tariff are blocked the most often?
  • What is the MOU value for subscribers that use international roaming services the most often?

Marketing Campaign Monitoring

The solution allows you to monitor marketing campaigns, evaluate their results and make necessary adjustments.

The solution can monitor:

  • Customer base dynamics
  • Customer base structure
  • Sales of services
  • Service usage structure
  • Change of service usage characteristics (ARPU, MOU)

Business questions

  • What tariffs have the highest rate of subscriber acquisition?
  • How much did ARPU change for the “Lubitelsky” tariff?
  • The sales rate of what services has increased the most?
  • What is the absolute and relative increase of the company’s customer base on the whole and in Holly town?
  • What segments experience the most significant decrease of the churn rate?

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