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Sales Management

The business intelligence (BI) solution allows you to find and evaluate new opportunities for expanding your customer base and selling services, for example, to find promising market segments, evaluate sales dynamics or analyze the efficiency of sales channels.

Sales Channel Management

For the sales analysis, it is very important to estimate the contribution of each individual sales channel into the sales of new contracts and services and to evaluate registration efficiency.

For individual sales channels, the solution allows you to:

  • Calculate the number of new subscribers registered
  • Estimate the revenue generated by subscribers
  • Estimate the volume of VAS sales
  • Analyze the subscriber lifecycle
  • Calculate the commission fee

Business questions:

  • What sales channels have the most drastic drop in the number of new subscribers?
  • Through what sales channels do the most high value subscribers come?
  • What sales channels lose new subscribers most often?
  • What sales channels lead in VAS sales?
  • What sales channels can boast of the longest customer lifecycle?

New Sales Opportunities

To evaluate the opportunities for attracting new subscribers and selling services, you need to be able to find insufficiently saturated segments and most promising regions and to analyze service promotions. Sales managers and marketing specialists need to have a complete vision of where, when and what services are sold better or worse and why.
The solution allows you to:

  • Calculate the number of registered subscribers by regions
  • Analyze registration dynamics
  • Evaluate tariff popularity
  • Analyze service consumption across various customer segments
  • Evaluate service revenue

Business questions:

  • What regions experience a decrease in customer base growth?
  • What tariffs have the highest registration dynamics?
  • What tariffs are the most profitable?
  • What services top the sales growth list?
  • What regions lead in VAS sales?
  • What services do subscribers of the ‘Youth’ tariff prefer?

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