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Traffic Management

The BI solution is intended for the operation analysis and management of switched and data networks. The solution allows you to analyze the operation of various network segments basing on the equipment statistics.

Failure Analysis

With this solution, you can analyze the signaling network operation by studying system performance profiles and operation under peak load. You can estimate the load on SS7 links, analyze the efficiency and reliability of signaling data exchange, characteristics and causes of failures, and busy hour parameters.

The solution allows you to analyze:

  • Quality of telephone services
  • Traffic distribution across routes and destinations
  • Peak load
  • Channel capacity

Business questions

  • What is the ratio of call setup failures for the trunk group 251?
  • Which lines are overloaded?
  • Which lines are insufficiently loaded?
  • What are the main reasons for channel unavailability?
  • How often are signaling lines unavailable?

Analysis of Calls, Seizures and Errors

The solution provides you with the information on telecom traffic distribution across switches, base stations and controllers, and allows you to estimate the load on routers, access servers and IP gateways. Using this solution, you can analyze such key parameters as the number of calls, seizures, answer-seizure ratio, percentage of errors, general load, and payload.

Business questions

  • What percentage of calls is completed?
  • What percentage of calls is not completed due to connection failures?
  • How much time do subscribers have to wait for the connection to be established?
  • What number of channels is required to ensure acceptable QoS (Quality of Service)?
  • What is the payload share in the total load?
  • What percentage of calls is routed via standby links?

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