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rtBilling is a globally proven real-time billing solution that helps operators to achieve their business operations targets. Regardless of the number of operators, service providers or mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) being hosted, rtBilling is able to rate, control and manage all communications traffic in true real time.

In a single system, rtBilling provides real-time processing of voice calls, SMS&MMS, data and content. With flexible rating rules, rtBilling enables highly competitive targeted offers and innovative promotions, thus helping the operator to generate more revenue from the current customer base. Moreover, by providing convergent pre- and post-paid billing, rtBilling closes the gap between different subscription types: the solution allows anything from purely pre- or post-paid accounts to hybrid accounts, including bundled service offerings. 

With the highly scalable IN-based rtBilling solution on HP NonStop platforms, service providers are able to efficiently meet the growing demands of subscribers and next generation mobile networks. The product combines a wide range of CBOSS software features and the HP NonStop Blade hardware built on the disaster-proof architecture in active/active shared nothing configuration. This ensures full data backup and enables geographic distribution of the main nodes. At the same time the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of the entire system is ensured. Furthermore, response times of less than 100 ms and zero downtime reliability are the best guarantees for minimising the mobile operator’s business risks.

Millions of subscribers in Europe, North and South America, and the Asia Pacific region are currently using mobile services enabled by rtBilling, including the subscribers of Rogers Wireless in Canada and Optus in Australia.

CBOSS works in close relationship with HP that resells rtBilling to mobile operators worldwide. 

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