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Support for Audits and Certifications

CBOSS clients undergo a variety of audits and certifications, e.g. mandatory and voluntary financial audits, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance audits, merger/acquisition audits etc.

All audit procedures in a telecommunications company inevitably concern CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care as it is an integral part of the carrier's IT infrastructure storing large volumes of financial and customer data. Of course, the operator may decide to run the audit concerning CBOSS products independently, but this may involve substantially more time and effort, both on the operator's and on the auditor's part. This may be due to a variety of reasons: high personnel workload, insufficient insight in the internal architecture of CBOSS products, data mismatch in a variety of systems, etc.

CBOSS offers the 'Support for Audits and Certifications' service enabling telcos to ensure smooth, prompt and reliable audit procedures at minimum time and effort.

Benefits of Support for Audits and Certifications:

  • Ensure successful audits and certifications by providing correct and accurate data
  • Cut audit costs by prompt data provisioning resulting in reduced time and effort
  • Reduce and even avoid additional load on telco's employees.

CBOSS dedicates a group of highly qualified consultants who will assist the customer in tackling the following tasks on site or remotely:

  • Evaluate the availability of required data in CBOSSbcc
  • On the auditor's request, provide the required information based on CBOSSbcc data in minimum time
  • Report on the reasons of data mismatch in CBOSSbcc and other information systems
  • Efficiently leverage the expertise of CBOSS in audit and certification support services provided to numerous customers worldwide
  • Obtain a deep understanding of how the auditable data is stored and accessed in CBOSS solutions.

For complex telco infrastructure (e.g. when CBOSS solution involves sophisticated third-party integration) and other specific situations, CBOSS can provide enhanced audit and certification support.

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