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Technical Support

CBOSS is eager to ensure efficient operation of its products and therefore offers comprehensive technical support for all supplied equipment, system and application software. This spares our customers the need to deal with various hardware and software suppliers.

Numerous positive responses from our customers, as well as the partner status from Sun Microsystems, Hitachi Data Systems, Excel Switching, VERITAS Software and the highest partner status from Oracle (Certified Advantage Partner), prove the quality of our services.


The technical support covers consultations (by phone, e-mail, fax, etc.), hardware/software solution monitoring and remote diagnostics, as well as patchsets, updated documentation, and on-site visits in case of hardware malfunction that cannot be eliminated remotely. The technical support may also include software revisions. The technical support for hardware includes routine and unscheduled maintenance. Your feedback is vital to our services.

Technical Support Categories

We offer 4 categories of technical support, which satisfy the individual needs of each CBOSS customer and allow expansion of additional maintenance services, and flexible pricing.

The technical support category determines the set of maintenance services, trouble ticket submission time (time and days), guaranteed response time, etc.

For example, the first category of technical support is the highest service level providing the following facilities:

  • A dedicated group of engineers
  • The fastest response time, i.e. within one hour after the ticket is received, our Technical support engineers will contact the customer to settle the problem
  • 24x7 technical support and attendance of the duty engineer
  • Unlimited number of technical consultations by phone or e-mail
  • On-site technical support including routine maintenance, replacement of failed components, necessary engineering modifications, and engineer visit in case of emergency
  • Free installation of new software releases and provision of required documentation
  • Free installation training at our certified training center
  • Full annual technological audit, which covers the efficiency analysis of hardware/software solutions and recommendations on how to enhance the efficiency of technologies and performance of CBOSS products
  • Express annual technological audit
  • Quarterly performance analysis of basic business processes. Based on results of this analysis, we perform fine-tuning to improve the system performance.

Scheme of trouble ticket processing


The technical support services provided by CBOSS offer the following benefits:

  • Multiple channels for trouble ticket submission. The trouble ticket can be submitted by phone, fax, e-mail, official letter, via CBOSS web site, as well as being registered immediately as a remark in the malfunctioning module (e.g. questions on the module operation, program error).

  • Trouble ticket priority. Each customer can determine the urgency of an arising problem and its impact. This allows for the most efficient resolution of urgent problems.

  • Guaranteed problem resolution. If the emergency cannot be handled remotely, a CBOSS engineer is commissioned to the site.

  • Progress monitoring. The customer can view the trouble ticket status and progress at the CBOSS site. The trouble ticket processing is also monitored by the head of the project.

  • Feedback and grades. All grades and comments are carefully analyzed and taken into account when taking any steps aimed at enhancing the QoS for a particular class of trouble tickets or service in general. If the customer is not satisfied with the progress or response to his trouble ticket, he can escalate the problem to a higher level.

  • Individual support. As the CBOSS suite is constantly expanding, and the number of installations is growing, we have created specialized groups to support our solutions and main subsystems. In addition, the troubleshooters may involve the software developers and other company staff.

  • Wide range of additional services. The customer can order additional maintenance services.

  • Knowledge database allows customers to promptly handle some problems. The knowledge database contains recommendations, instructions, and FAQs. All information is systematized by the business process and the question/problem type. The search tools allow for fast and successful searching.

  • Enhanced performance. By the results of technological audits and performance analysis of basic business processes, we offer recommendations for more efficient operation of CBOSS products.

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