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Technology Audit

Technology audit is a package of services for client companies running CBOSS products. It is designed to boost efficiency of CBOSS technologies and ensure performance and reliability of the software and hardware platform.

Technology audit is comprised of the following service packages:

Audit of CBOSS Product Use Efficiency

Experience shows that clients are not always fully aware of the functionality of CBOSS products they use.

The main goal of the efficiency audit is to bridge the gap between the demanded and de-facto used functionality of CBOSS solutions purchased by the client. As a result, the operator can make the most of the highly demanded functionality of each product, and optimize the functionality in use.

Efficiency Audit is designed to:

  • Improve usability and end user satisfaction
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Boost customer care quality
  • Generate additional revenue from new offers and more efficient use of CBOSS technologies already in place.

CBOSS consulting experts achieve the following goals within the audit project:

  • Identify any unused features and resources
  • Organize seminars and interviews with end users (sales, customer care, credit control, marketing agents) to:
    • Identify any problems with product usage
    • Systematize new and previously submitted trouble tickets. Discuss, analyze, and range them by priority
    • Provide consultations on unused functionality to achieve all business objectives.
  • Assist in providing full information to CBOSS technical support
  • Prepare recommendations to resolve all identified problems and accommodate the client’s business requirements.

Remote Performance Audit

The main goal of the service is to analyze capability of the client’s platform resources to comply with the current licensing parameters and operational conditions.

All operators strive to ensure uninterrupted operation, support customer base growth and meet ever-changing customer preferences. To achieve this, regular comprehensive monitoring of key performance indicators is recommended to ensure timely platform expansion.

With regular remote performance audit, operators can:

  • Avoid revenue loss (e.g. when it is impossible to launch a new service or enhance existing ones)
  • Maintain high performance of critical technological processes of the billing and value-added products
  • Respond to bottlenecks and scale hardware resources.

The performance audit is especially vital when preparing major marketing campaigns, which can potentially increase system load.

During the remote performance audit, CBOSS experts:

  • Analyze performance of mission-critical technological processes
  • Analyze hardware sufficiency for the current operational conditions of most vital products

Data collection, analysis and reporting are performed remotely.

Comprehensive Technology Audit of Product Usage

The main goal of the comprehensive technology audit is to ensure maximum efficiency of the CBOSS solution used by the client.

Comprehensive technology audit is designed to:

  • Cut operational costs by boosting efficiency of CBOSS products
  • Maintain high reliability and performance of the platform
  • Rapidly detect and resolve any operational problems, ensure compliance with maintenance schedules.

Comprehensive technology audit includes in-depth analysis of all or selected operator's business processes, products or functionality, as well as analysis of product operation and settings. Such audit also includes analysis of performance and reliability of the CBOSS hardware and software platform. The audit reveals any explicit or hidden technological and technical issues, non-optimal practices and operations.

Catalog of tasks which may be included into various audit projects.

Clients may choose tasks they need most.

Work Efficiency audit Remote performance audit Comprehensive technology audit
1. Analyze CBOSSbcc usage statistics +   +
2. Analyze VAS product usage statistics +   +
3. Consult end users and interested divisions to identify any problems, requests and unmet requirements +   +
4. Prepare recommendations to apply unused functionality and resolve outstanding issues +   +
5. Analyze performance indicators of the billing solution (CBOSSbcc or CBOSSbcc+RTB)   Most critical +
6. Identify non-optimal SQL scripts with negative impact on DB performance   + +
7. Analyze CBOSSbcc and CBOSSbcc+RTB DB settings, ensure up-to-date backups     +
8. Analyze the CBOSS platform, including redundancy     +
9. Analyze CBOSSbcc load   + +
10. Analyze CBOSSbcc compliance to actual operational conditions   + +
11. Analyze load of the CBOSS VAS product platform   Basic VAS products only +
12. Analyze compliance of the VAS platform to actual operational conditions and licensing limitations   Basic VAS products only +
13. Perform in-depth analysis of explicit or hidden technological and technical issues in all or selected technological processes and CBOSS products; prepare troubleshooting guidelines     +
14. Analyze compliance with maintenance guidelines of CBOSS applications     +
15. Analyze compliance with maintenance guidelines of the CBOSS platform     +
16. Organize, assist and control application of recommendations provided to the client     +

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